Feb 06

U14 Team Hits The Road And Continues To Dominate

IHoliday Valley’s U14 athletes travel to Bristol Mountain for a weekend of GS, SG training and SG.  Great results for HV racers in the GS on Saturday with three podiums.

U14 Girls GS:  Cassidy Creager 2nd, Lauren Thomas 3rd, Logan Fredrickson 4th, Sierra Cappelli 5th, Caroline DeRose 7th, Alaina Lah 27th and Claire Taylor 40th.

U14 Boys GS:  Alec Nolan 3rd, Alex Wojnowski 8th, Reichen Morrisey 10th, Orry Shattenberg 17th, Ross Fuller 23rd, Henry Dunn 32nd and Dylan Potter 39th.

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Feb 06

Updates From The Empire State Winter Games At Lake Placid

The Empire State Winter Games at Lake Placid opened with a SG at Whiteface.  The GS and SL will be contested on Saturday and Sunday.  Our racers skied well on a very firm, icy course that has been prepped for the upcoming Nor-Ams.

Day two, Whiteface prevails as all racers faced a tough day in GS.  Only 55% of the women and 41% of men finished the course.  Congratulations to our survivors, Candice Kasahara, Katherine Wojnowski, Taylor Hubert, Josh Allegra, Ben Finicle and Michael Mercer.

Womens U16 SG:  Taylor Hubert 6th (11th overall), Candice Kasahara 7th (12th), Paige Duffy 9th (14th), Anya Elizondo 14th (26th), Devynn Martin 17th (31st) and Katherine Wojnowski 18th (32nd).

Women’s U19/U21 SG:  Katrina Surdyka 5th (8th overall)

Men’s U16 SG:  Nathan Briselden 6th (16th overall), Josh Allegra 11th (32nd) and Michael Mercer 18th (41st).

Women’s U16 GS:  Candice Kasahara 8th (12 overall), Katherine Wojnowski 15th (33rd) and Taylor Hubert 16th (34th).

Men’s U16 GS:  Josh Allegra 9th (18th overall) and Micahel Mercer 11th (23rd).

Men’s U19/U21 GS:  Ben Finicle 12th (22nd overall).

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Feb 05

Empire State Winter Games Open At Lake Placid

The Empire State Winter Games at Lake Placid opened with a SG at Whiteface.  The GS and SL will be contested on Saturday and Sunday.  Our racers skied well on a very firm, icy course that has been prepped for the upcoming Nor-Ams.

Womens U16 SG:  Taylor Hubert 6th (11th overall), Candice Kasahara 7th (12th), Paige Duffy 9th (14th), Anya Elizondo 14th (26th), Devynn Martin 17th (31st) and Katherine Wojnowski 18th (32nd).

Women’s U19/U21 SG:  Katrina Surdyka 5th (8th overall)

Men’s U16 SG:  Nathan Briselden 6th (16th overall), Josh Allegra 11th (32nd) and Michael Mercer 18th (41st).

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Jan 31

U16-U21 Speed Weekend Shortened Due To Spring Weather

The U16/U19/U21 Team traveled to Bristol Mountain for a day of SG training to be followed by two days of SG races.  The spring weather resulted in the cancellation of the the second SG.  The warm, soft conditions couldn’t slow the HV Team, as they had some great results.

Womens U16:  Devynn Martin 4th (8th overall), Candice Kasahara 6th (10th), Anya Elizondo 8th (14th), Taylor Hubert 9th (15th), Paige Duffy 11th (19th), Katherine Wojnowski 14th (24th), Phoebe Dunn 21st (35th), McKenzie Galvin 27th (44th) and Haley Barden 35th (59th).

Women’s U19/U21:  Katrina Surdyka 4th (6th overall) and Lauren Bachert 21st (52nd).

Men’s U16:  Nathan Briselden 4th (13th overall), Max Carbaugh 20th (39th), Josh Allegra 25th (45th), Sean Nolan 28th (49th), Jes Sauereisen 35th (57th) and Ben Wise 39th (62nd).

Men’s U19/U21:  John Carbaugh 3rd (6th overall), Nick Costanzo 12th (17th) and Eric Schafer 23rd (59th).

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Jan 31

U16 Men And Women Podium At Greek Peak And Toggenburg

The U16/U19/U21 team traveled east to the Greek Peak GS and the Toggenburg SL.  Anya Elizondo (1st) and Candice Kasahara (3rd) lead the way with two podium finishes at Greek Peak and Max Carbaugh (2nd) and Anya Elizondo (3rd) and  made the podium at Toggenburg.

Greek Peak GS:

U16 Women:  Anya Elizondo 1st (4th overall), Candice Kasahara 3rd (8th), Taylor Hubert 6th (15th), Paige Duffy 10th (28th), Phoebe Dunn 30th (51st) and McKenzie Galvin 31st (52nd).

U19/U21 Women:  Katrina Surdyka 18th ( 27th overall) and Lauren Bachert 20th (49th).

U16 Men:  Nathan Briselden 4th (11th overall), Michael Mercer 8th (26th), Evan Grucela 14th (36th) and Ben Wise 36th (64th).

U19/U21 Men:  Nick Costanzo 7th (10th overall).

Toggenburg SL:

U16 Women:  Anya Elizondo 3rd (4th overall), Devynn Martin 6th (13th), Paige Duffy 10th (25th), Katherine Wojnowski 17th (35th) and McKenzie Galvin 18th (36th).

U19/U21 Women:  Katrina Surdyka 8th (14th overall), Lauren Bachert 22nd (45th overall).

U16 Men:  Max Carbaugh 2nd (7th overall), Evan Grucela 15th (32nd), Sean Nolan 26th (50th) and Ben Wise 29th (53rd).

U19/U21 Men:  John Carbaugh 8th (10th overall), Nick Costanzo 11th (15th) and Ben Finicle 14th (21st).

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Jan 26

Closing Banquet – April 2nd

Mark your calendars, the closing banquet will be held April 2nd.  More information to follow.

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Jan 24

U14/U12/U10/U8s Take Twenty-two Podiums On Their First Weekend Of Racing

The U14/U12/U10/U8 racers kicked off their season with a SL at Holimont and a GS at Holiday Valley.  Great performance were had by all, with the U14 team taking the top 5 spots for the girls and the boys took four of the top five spots on day one and took the top 5 spots for the boys and the girls took four of the top five spots on day two.

Day One SL:

U10 Girls: Charlotte Harter 7th, Sophia Goldberg 8th and Molly Derose 9th.

U12 Girls:  Alison Martin 1st, Megan Williams 5th, Brianne Allegra 8th, Alexandra Smillie 9th and Isabella Scott 27th.

U14 Girls:  Hayly Fredrickson 1st, Logan Fredrickson 2nd, Cassidy Creager 3rd, Sierra Cappelli 4th, Caroline Derose 5th, Lauren Thomas 13th, Claire Taylor 17th, Rory Sauereisen 19th and Kate Hurley 21st.

U10 Boys:  Harry Scanlon 3rd, Beaudin Napolitano 4th, Henry Black 7th and John Black 10th.

U12 Boys:  Erik Shattenberg 1st, Ryan Scanlon 3rd, Luke Petruzzi 5th, Owen Griffith 12th and Nicholas Koerber 15th.

U14 Boys:  Dalton Potter 1st, Alex Wojnowski 2nd, Alec Nolan 3rd, Orry Shattenberg 5th, Reichen Morrisey 8th, Ross Fuller 10th, John Smillie 14th, Dylan Potter 15th and William Dunn 16th.

Day Two GS:

U10 Girls: Charlotte Harter 3rd, Sophia Goldberg 7th and Molly Derose 9th.

U12 Girls: Alison Martin 1st, Alexandra Smillie 5th, Megan Williams 7th, Brianne Allegra 11th, Brooklyn Napolitano 14th, Leah Smillie 17th and Isabella Scott 28th.

U14 Girls: Lauren Thomas 1st, Cassidy Creager 2nd, Hayly Fredrickson 3rd, Caroline Derose 4th, Sierra Cappelli 6th, Logan Fredrickson 10th, Kate Hurley 18th, Claire Taylor 21st, Lah Alaina 23rd and Rory Sauereisen 26th.

U10 Boys: Harry Scanlon 2nd, Beaudin Napolitano 3rd, Henry Black 9th and John Black 12th,

U12 Boys: Erik Shattenberg 1st, Ryan Scanlon 3rd, Luke Petruzzi 7th, Carson Corey 8th, Owen Griffith 13th and Jordan Hathaway 20th.

U14 Boys: Dalton Potter 1st, Laz Rifkin 2nd, Alex Wojnowski 3rd, Alec Nolan 4th, Orry Shattenberg 5th, Ross Fuller 13th, Reichen Morrisey 14th, William Dunn 18th and Dylan Potter 23rd.

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Jan 20

USSA U16 RAD/NTG SL & GS Project At Stowe GS Races

Two GS races ended a good three days of training with the U16 National and Regional Training Groups in Stowe, VT.  Our Holiday Valley racers faired well among the group of 50 top racers from the east.  Anya Elizondo placed 15th & 14th, Devynn Martin placed 17th & 13th and Nathan Briselden placed 13th in the first race.

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Jan 14

Four Holiday Valley U14 Athletes Invited To Statewide NYSSRA Project

Sierra Cappelli, Cassidy Creager, Alec Nolan and Lauren Thomas have been invited to participate in the statewide NYSSRA U14 Dual SL/GS Project at Labrador Mountain.  NYSSRA has invited 60 athletes, 10 from each council to go head to head for two days of dual paneled SL and GS racing, with work on skills to prepare them for the State Championships, Eastern Champs and CanAm’s.  Congratulations and good luck at Labrador.

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Jan 14

Three HV Athletes Invited To USSA U16 RAD/NTG SL & GS Project At Stowe

Nathan Briselden, Anya Elizondo and Devynn Martin have been invited to train at the USSA U16 Regional Alpine Development / National Training Group SL & GS Project at Stowe, VT.  The USSA Regional Alpine Development Department invited an elite group of 30 men and 30 women to train for three days as a group with national and regional coaches and train alongside top performing athletes from other regional programs.  The focus will be on increasing top end speed, developing attacking and speed management tactics, pushing perceived limits, and improving the athletes ability to self coach.  Congratulations and good luck in Vermont.

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Jan 10

Holiday Valley Places Three Racers On The Podium At Holimont GS

The U16/U19/U21 Empire Cup Giant Slalom at Holimont tested the racers resilience to the weather, as the team fought through the rain.  Holiday Valley placed three racers in the top three overall positions; Devynn Martin (U16) 2nd, Nathan Briselden (U16) 1st and Max Carbaugh (U16) 2nd.

Women’s U16 GS:  Devynn Martin 1st (2nd overall), Taylor Hubert 2nd (4th)Candice Kasahara 3rd (5th), Anya Elizondo 5th (7th), Mckenzie Galvin 16th (30th) and  Paige Duffy 17th (31st).

Women’s U19/U21 GS:  Katrina Surdyka 9th (17th).

Men’s U16 GS:  Nathan Briselden 1st (1st overall), Max Carbaugh 2nd (2nd), Michael Mercer 6th (14th), Joshua Allegra 10th (23rd), Evan Grucela 17th (33rd), Christian Taylor 24th (39th), Ben Wise 27th (44th), Sean Nolan 25th (39th) and Jes Sauereisen 28th (42nd).

Men’s U19/U21 GS:  Nick Costanzo 6th (11th), Ben Finicle 13th (22nd) and Eric Schafer 17th (41st).

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Jan 09

Season Opens With A Bang – Two Golds

We are finally racing.  The U16/U19/U21 season opened with the Holiday Valley Empire Cup Slalom and Holiday Valley racers won both the men’s and women’s races.  Nathan Briselden (U16) and Anya Elizondo (U16) each won their age class, as well as besting the entire field of older racers.

Women’s U16 SL:  Anya Elizondo 1st (1st overall), Devynn Martin 3rd (5th), Candice Kasahara 5th (12th), Paige Duffy 6th (16th) and Mckenzie Galvin 15th (35th).

Women’s U19/U21 SL:  Katrina Surdyka 5th (8th).

Men’s U16 SL:  Nathan Briselden 1st (1st overall), Michael Mercer 4th (7th), Joshua Allegra 9th (18th), Evan Grucela 13th (23rd), Christian Taylor 16th (27th), Ben Wise 18th (31st), Sean Nolan 25th (39th) and Jes Sauereisen 28th (42nd)

Men’s U19/U21 SL:  Ben Finicle 4th (8th), Nick Costanzo 8th (13th) and Eric Schafer 12th (28th).


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Jan 06

Mark Your Calendar – Annual Ski Tuning Clinic

Our annual ski tuning clinic will be conducted by our own Tom Briselden at 1:15 pm, Saturday, January 16th, in the Training Center.  This is a must for all parents and older racers that have little or no tuning experience, and a great refresher for the more experienced.  Tom will introduce the basics and will discuss and answer questions on tunes for the older racers.  See you there.

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Jan 05

This Year’s HV Race Team Sportswear Is Now Available

Take a quick look at the Logo Wear Tab for the new offerings of HV Race Team wear and accessories.

hv water bottle

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Dec 16

HV Athletes Start The Season With NYSSRA Camp Invites

Every year NYSSRA holds various invite only camps and projects to develop our New York racers.  The following pre-season camps have include Holiday Valley athletes:

U14 Dryland Camp, Olympic Training Center, October 3 & 4:  Sierra Capelli and Caroline DeRose

U16 Fundamentals Camp, Whiteface, December 4, 5 & 6:  Paige Duffy, Anya Elizondo, Taylor Hubert, Candice Kasahara and Devynn Martin

U14 Fundamentals Camp, Whiteface, December 11, 12 & 13:

U16/U19 Tech Invitational Camp, Olympic Training Center, December 17 & 18:  Guppy Briselden, Anya Elizondo and Devynn Martin


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Dec 15

We’re Ready To Start The Season, Bring On The Cold

Race training will not start on December 19th as originally scheduled.  The Valley hopes to start blowing snow this Friday, weather permitting.

The first practice will be on Saturday December 26th starting at 9 am. Plan to have your child on-snow at 9 to get started.  Lunch is from 11:30-12:30 and the kids are not attended by the coaches during this time.

All are welcome to eat in the training center for lunch and crock pots can be plugged in along the back wall on the tuning bench or upstairs.  There are no cups, napkins or paper goods in the training center so plan to bring your own if dining there.

Christmas camp starts Sunday December 27th at 9 am.

We are having the Parents’ Association meeting that afternoon at 3 pm in the training center.  We will have a quick general meeting and then break out into age groups so your coaches can talk with you about your child’s specific schedule.  Please bring a checkbook to pay Parent Association fees.  We will send out an email on the fee amount as we get a final count on racers this year.  We will also have samples of team spirit wear to try and order forms.

This is a very informative session and is especially important for new parents. Plan to attend!

Think cold, cold weather so HV can make snow!

See you soon.

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Dec 11

Start Planning Your Training & Race Schedule

The calendar has been updated with the most current training and race schedule information.  Please visit it to get your planning underway.

If you haven’t already registered or renewed your USSA and NYSSRA memberships, please get it done.  Here are links to the two pages you will need to get everything ready for the season.  Then you will only need to wish for cold weather.


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Nov 30

Sponsorships And Member Handbooks Now Online

Team sponsorship material is available by clicking the Sponsorship Tab on the Home Page.

The Member Handbook can be seen by clicking on:  Member Handbook

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Nov 30

Get Your Team Window Stickers

Team window stickers are available.  These great looking, 9″ x 4″, stickers are the perfect compliment to any ski racer’s vehicle.  At $10 they will go fast.  Please contact Mary Ellen Elizondo to purchase yours.


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Nov 30

Follow us on Twitter!

Follow Holiday Valley Race Team on Twitter for the latest team updates. @HVRaceTeam


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Nov 30

Visit SkiBay – See The Newly Listed 2015/2016 Season Items

If you’re looking for equipment to buy or sell your equipment, look no farther then the new SkiBay. We have had sales as far away as Alaska, California and Florida.  Now you can directly add your own equipment to sell. Click here to go to SkiBay.

At the beginning of the season we pull all of the prior year’s listings, if you still have items from last year’s listings that you would like to relist please used the link to SkiBay to relist or drop a note to jee@baby-burps.com asking to relist last year’s offering.

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