Oct 18

Plan Your Race Schedule

The calendar has been updated with all posted races from FIS to U8.

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Oct 12

Visit SkiBay – See The Newly Listed 2014/2015 Season Items

If you’re looking for equipment to buy or sell your equipment, look no farther then the new SkiBay. We have had sales as far away as Alaska, California and Florida.  Now you can directly add your own equipment to sell. Click here to go to SkiBay

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Oct 06

NFSC Fitness Clinic


On October 19th, one month from today, Thomas Lam will be coming to back to Elicottville for our fitness and dry-land clinic. This year we have expanded the event into both a testing and dry-land event. We have invited teams from NFSC to participate and compete against our athletes. This clinic will be a lot different from previous ones you may have attended. This year each athlete will get to practice each test before they are scored. After each test is scored training principles will be presented that will give the kids workouts that should help to directly improve each test. Remember, as our athletes improve their test results and fitness it should directly improve their skiing results. Also, each athlete will still receive a personal movement analysis by Dr. Lam himself. Many of our athletes have used this data to help effect positive change before the beginning of the ski season. Remember it takes a lot of effort and planning to put these events together. Please try to make it out for this event, as a club, it really opens us up to many new opportunities!

This year we will be giving out awards just a like a ski race or any other competitive event!

Click here for a copy of the announcement and event flyer!  Feel free to email me with anymore questions!


Nick Nenno

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Oct 01

Get Your Team Window Stickers

Team window stickers are available.  These great looking, 9″ x 4″, stickers are the perfect compliment to any ski racer’s vehicle.  At $10 they will go fast.  Please contact Mary Ellen Elizondo to purchase yours.

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Oct 01

Follow us on Twitter!

Follow Holiday Valley Race Team on Twitter for the latest team updates. @HVRaceTeam

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