Mar 28

U8-U14 Spring Fling Kinder Kombi

The younger racers get their first chance at spring post season racing as Holimont hosted their first annual Spring Fling Pro Style Kinder Kombi.

Girls:  Sierra Cappelli 2nd, Cassidy Creager 3rd, Hayly Fredrickson 5th, Logan Fredrickson 10th and Alison Martin 11th.

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Mar 28

Annual Spring Races Bring The U16-U21s To Holiday Valley And Holimont

Spring is the time for pond skimming and slush cups.  No slush this year, but some great racing with slalom at Holiday Valley and giant slalom at Holimont.

SL #1, Women:  Anya Elizondo 1st, Bella Wylie 2nd, Devynn Martin 5th, Bailey Creager 9th, McKenzie Galvin 12th and Haley Barden 16th.

SL #1, Men:  Patrick Hylkema 5th, Guppy Briselden 9th, John Carbaugh 11th, Ben Finicle 33rd and Christian Taylor 36th.

SL #2, Women:  Anya Elizondo 1st, Bella Wylie 3rd, Devynn Martin 4th, Bailey Creager 8th and McKenzie Galvin 11th.

SL #2, Men:  Patrick Hylkema 3rd, John Carbaugh 5th, Guppy Briselden 8th, Alex Wylie 20th, Ben Finicle 31st and Christian Taylor 38th.

GS #1, Women:  Bella Wylie 1st, Anya Elizondo 2nd, Devynn Martin 5th, Galvin McKenzie 12th and Haley Barden 14th.

GS #1, Men:  Alex Wylie 10th, Guppy Briselden 12th, Ben Finicle 28th and Christian Taylor 42nd.

GS #2, Women:  Bella Wylie 1st, Anya Elizondo 4th, Devynn Martin 5th, Bailey Creager 12th, McKenzie Galvin 13th and Haley Barden 17th.

GS #2, Men:  Alex Wylie 7th, Patrick Hylkema 8th, Guppy Briselden 12th, Ben Finicle 25th, Michael Mercer 34th and Christian Taylor 39th.


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Mar 26

HV Scores Two Top Twenty Finishes At The U14 CanAms

The U14 Can-Am Championships are currently being held March 26th to 29th at Mont Tremblant, QC.  Thirty-five U.S. and thirty-five Canadian girls are competing in the SG, GS and SL over the four days.

SG:  Candice Kasahara 18th (10th U.S.) and Paige Duffy 43rd (23rd U.S.)

GS:  Candice Kasahara 15th (7th U.S.) and Paige Duffy 54th (29th U.S.)

SL:  Candice Kasahara 32nd (12th U.S.) and Paige Duffy 47th (22nd U.S.)

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Mar 24

HV Scores A Top Twenty At U16 CanAm Championships

The final day of racing yielded a top twenty finish at the U16 CanAm Championships at Stowe Mountain, VT.  Thirty U.S. women faced-off against forty-five Canadians in the Super-G, GS and SL.

SG:  Anya Elizondo 53rd (15th U.S.)

GS:  Anya Elizondo 41st (16th U.S.)

SL:  Anya Elizondo 20th (7th U.S.)

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Mar 22

Northwind Super-G, Exciting As Usual

We have results of every variety.  Results

Men’s Overall, Top Five:  Tommy Scheeler 1st, John Galvino 2nd, Ben Finicle 3rd, Nick Nenno 4th and Aiden Elizondo 5th.

Women’s Overall, Top Five:  Anya Elizondo 1st, Paige Duffy 2nd, Katlyn Croft 3rd, Candice Kasahara 4th and Gae Orsini 5th.

U10 Girls:  Leah Smillie 1st, Lexi Smillie 2nd, Charlotte Harter 3rd and Zoe Philp 4th.

U10 Boys:  Carson Corey 1st, Owen Griffith 2nd and Erik Shattenberg 3rd and Bo Napolitano 5th.

U12 Girls:  Caroline DeRose 1st and Alison Martin 2nd.

U12 Boys:  Laz Rifkin 1st, Alex Wojnowski 2nd, Mitchell Azcarate 3rd, John Smillie 4th, Henry Dunn 5th and Luka Wylie 6th.

U14 Girls:  Paige Duffy 1st, Candice Kasahara 2nd, Lauren Thomas 3rd, Hayly Fredrickson 4th, Katy Wohnowski 5th, Phoebe Dunn 6th, Logan Fredrickson 7th and Cassidy Creager 8th.

U14 Boys:  Alec Nolan 1st, Jes Sauereisen 2nd, Orry Shattenberg 3rd and Joe Toth 4th.

U16 Women:  Anya Elizondo 1st, Devynn Martin 2nd, McKenzie Galvin 3rd, Bailey Creager 4th and Haley Barden 5th.

U16 Men:  Michael Mercer 1st and Sean Nolan 2nd.

Men 16-34:  Ben Finicle 2nd and Aiden Elizondo 3rd.

Coaches:  John Galvino 1st, Nick Nenno 2nd, Miguel Azcarate 3rd, Kelly Fredrickson 5th, Katlyn Croft 6th, Conner Kell 7th, Steve Potter 8th, Brad Carbaugh 9th and Claire Schen 10th.

Women 16-45:  Helen Wylie 1st.

Men 35-49:  Jim Martin 4th and Dan Rifkin 7th.

Men 50 and Over:  Tom Briselden 5th and Eric Sauereisen 8th.

Men 70 and Over:  John Ferracuti 1st

Family Challenges:  Galvinos- John over McKenzie, Elizondos- Aiden over Anya, Azcarates- Miguel over Mitchell, Martins- Jim over Devynn over Allie, Fredricksons- Kelly over Hayly over Logan, Nolans- Sean over Alec, Wylies- Helen over Luka, Smillies- Leah over John over Lexi, Sauereisens- Eric over Jes, Rifkins- Dan over Laz (2 10ths), Wojnowskis- Katy over Alex, Dunns- Phoebe over Henry, DeRoses- Caroline over Molly, Shattenbergs- Orry over Erik,

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Mar 21

Four HV Athletes Advance From Eastern To Can-Ams

Four Holiday Valley athletes will represent the United States vs. Canada at either the U14 or U16 Can-Am Championships.  The athletes will join a team of 30 of the top age group athletes from the Rocky/Central and Eastern Divisions of USSA to race the top Canadian athletes from Ontario and Quebec.  The U14 Can-Am Championships will be held March 26th to 29th at Mont Tremblant, QC and the U16 Can-Am Championships will be held March 24th to 26th at Stowe Mountain, VT.  Great job and good luck.

U14:  Candice Kasahara and Paige Duffy

U16:  Bella Wylie and Anya Elizondo

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Mar 21

U10-U14 Team Advances Ten Athletes To The Post Season

Following a great weekend of U10-U14 racing at both Kandahar Champs at West Mountain and the U14 State Championships at Gore Mountain, ten Holiday Athletes have qualified to to advance.  Kandahar Champs determined the qualifiers to the Piche Invitational Championships at Gunstock Mountain Resort, NH and the U14 States the qualifiers to the USSA U14 Eastern Championships at Stowe Mountain, VT.  Congratulations and the U14 NY & VT Dual GS and Speed Project at Stratton Mountain, Vt. Good and congratulations to all.

U14 Eastern Championships:  Candice Kasahara, Katy Wojnowski and Paige Duffy.

Piche Invitational:  Caroline DeRose, Phoebe Dunn, Hayly Fredrickson (Alt.), Alex Wojnowski, Laz Rifkin and Jes Saureisen.

U14 NY & VT Project:  Reichen Morrisey

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Mar 16

HV Opened Strong At The USSA U18-U21 Eastern Finals

Patrick Hylkema open the USSA U18-U21 Eastern Finals at Gore Mountain with a bang.  He finished 5th in the GS.

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Mar 16

U16 Eastern Championships At Whiteface

Two Holiday Valley racers wrap-up a week at the USSA U16 Eastern Championships at Whiteface.

Women’s SG:  Bella Wylie 21st.

Women’s SL:  Bella Wylie 29th.



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Mar 14

U12/U14 Racers Hit The Slopes At The Piche Invitational

The Francis Piche Invitational provides the eastern championships for the U12 racers.  The annual invitational is held at Gunstock, NH and Holiday Valley brings home the gold with Laz Rifkin winning the GS.

U12 Girl’s GS:  Caroline DeRose 16th

U12 Boy’s GS:  Laz Rifkin 1st and Alex Wojnowski 40th.

U14 Girl’s GS:  Phoebe Dunn 30th and Hayly Fredrickson 45th.


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Mar 13

U14s Strong At The Eastern Championships

The U14s traveled to Stowe Mountain, VT for the USSA Eastern Championships.  The HV racers had a strong opening day of SG.  Day two brought an even higher finish with a top ten in the GS.  The final day’s SL added a top twenty finish.

Girl’s SG:  Katy Wojnowski 15th, Candice Kasahara 17th and Paige Duffy 18th.

Girl’s GS:  Candice Kasahara 10th, Paige Duffy 25th and Katy Wojnowski 41st.

Girl’s SL:  Paige Duffy 18th.


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Mar 13

Three Top Ten Finishes At U16 Eastern Finals

The Holiday Valley racers attending the USSA U16 Eastern Finals, Sunday River, ME, are bringing some medals back to Ellicottville.  Day one’s SG brought a top five and a top twenty finish.  Day two’s SL yielded another top ten and two top twenty results.  The final day’s GS produced another top ten and a top twenty result, capping off a great trip to Maine.

Women’s SG:  Devynn Martin 16th, Anya Elizondo 37th and McKenzie Galvin 43rd.

Men’s SG:  Mack Hurley 5th

Women’s SL:  Anya Elizondo 6th and Devynn Martin 17th.

Men’s SL:  Mack Hurley 13th.

Women’s GS:  Devynn Martin 7th and Anya Elizondo 19th.

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Mar 11

NYSSRA 2014-2015 Seasonal Awards

NYSSRA has started to award their 2014-2015 seasonal awards.  Congratulations on these elite achievements.  Here are the first to be announced:


U18-U21 NYSSRA Speed/Tech Award:  This award is given for the best combined time from the Empire Cup Series, Bristol Mountain SG #1 and the New York State Championships SL. The 2015 recipient is:  Aiden Elizondo

U16 Jan Burnap U16 Combined Award:   During the U16 State Championships one boy and one girl are named for this combined event award using simple place points.  Best GS race, best SL race and SG#1 are used for scoring.  The 2015 recipient is:  Bella Wylie

U18-U21 Sally Davis Scholar Athlete Award:  The annual Sally Davis Scholar/Athlete Award is presented to those racers who 1) maintain a 90 average Spring ’14 and Fall ’14 and 2) are in the top 1/2 of ECS standings as of Feb 1st.  The 2015 recipients are:  John Carbaugh, Aiden Elizondo and Patrick Hylkema.

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Mar 08

U18-U21 FIS Championships Open At Okemo, VT

The Eastern FIS Championships at Okemo Mountain, VT.

Men’s SL:  Aiden Elizondo 30th.

Men’s GS:  Aiden Elizondo 55th.

Men’s SG:  Aiden Elizondo 52nd.

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Mar 07

Four Podiums At Kandahar Champs

Four Holiday Valley athletes make the podium at the Kandahar Championships at West Mountain.  Congratulations on a great day of GS.

Girl’s U12:  Caroline DeRose 5th, Alison Martin 29th and Megan Williams 37th.

Girl’s U14:  Phoebe Dunn 3rd and Hayly Fredrickson 7th.

Boy’s U10:  Erik Shattenberg 2nd.

Boy’s U12:  Laz Rifkin 2nd, Alex Wojnowski 5th, Reichen Morrisey 22nd, Mitch Azcarate 34th and John Smillie 35th.

Boy’s U14:  Jes Sauereisen 1st.


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Mar 05

U14 State Championships End With Strong Performances

The U14 Team opened their State Championships Thursday at Gore Mountain with a top five, a top ten and a top twenty finish in the girl’s GS.  Day two’s SG saw an additional two top tens and two top twenty finishes. The final day of slalom gave HV a top five, a top ten and a top fifteen finish.  Great skiing everyone.

Girl’s GS:  Candice Kasahara 4th, Katy Wojnowski 10th, Lauren Thomas 16th, Sierra Cappelli 21st, Logan Fredrickson 26th and Fiona Kavcic 27th.

Boy’s GS:  Alec Nolan 23rd, Phillip Vance 27th, Patrick Scanlon 31st and Orry Shattenberg 35th.

Girl’s SG:  Katy Wojnowski 7th, Candice Kasahara 10th, Fiona Kavcic 15th, Paige Duffy 17th, Lauren Thomas 28th, Cassidy Creager 31st, Logan Fredrickson 33rd and Sierra Cappelli 47th.

Boy’s SG:  Phillip Vance 26th, Alec Nolan 29th, Patrick Scanlon 33rd and Orry Shattenberg 59th.

Girl’s SL:  Candice Kasahara 4th, Katy Wohnowski 8th, Logan Fredrickson 12th and Fiona Kavcic 21st.

Boy’s SL:  Orry Shattenberg 28th and Alec Nolan 29th.

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Mar 04

U18-U21 Team Ends A Successful State Championships, Sending Two Athletes Into The Post Season

Aiden Elizondo will represent Holiday Valley at the Eastern FIS Finals to be held at Okemo Mountain, VT on March 8th to 12th.  Patrick Hylkema will represent Holiday Valley at the Eastern USSA Finals to be held at Gore Mountain, NY on March 14th to 17th.  Congratulation to our seniors, including Michael Costanzo, on a great year and great tenure at Holiday Valley.  Good luck.

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Mar 04

U16 Team Sends Nine Athletes Into The Post Season

With a very successful U16 State Championships, the Holiday Valley U16 Race Team has qualified nine athletes into either the 2015 USSA U16 Eastern Championships at Whiteface Mountain on March 16th to 20th or the

U16 Eastern Finals at Sunday River, Maine on March 12th to March 15th.  Bella Wylie was named Ski Meister for best combination of all event finishes.  Congratulations to everyone.

Women’s Eastern Championships:  Bella Wylie and Anya Elizondo.

Men’s Eastern Championships:  Guppy Briselden and Mack Hurley.

Women’s Eastern Finals:  Devynn Martin, Bailey Creager and McKenzie Galvin.

Men’s Eastern Finals:  Max Carbaugh and Michael Mercer.

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Mar 04

Holiday Valley Sends Thirteen U12 & U14 Racers To Kandahar Champs

Based on great performances at the Kandahar Festival at Holimont, Holiday Valley has qualified the following athletes into the 2015 NYSSRA Kandahar Championships Kombi / GS & Whiteman Chevrolet Head to Head Dual on March 6th-8th at West Mountain.  Four of the six Ski Meister awards for top racer in class for the two day event went to HV racers; Eric Shattenberg U10, Caroline DeRose U12, Alex Wojnowski U12 and Jes Sauereisen U14.  Congratulations to all.

U10 Boys:  Eric Shattenberg 1st

U12 Girls:  Caroline DeRose 1st, Alison Martin 11th and Megan Williams 22nd.

U12 Boys:  Alex Wojnowski 1st, Laz Rifkin 2nd, Reichen Morrisey 6th, Mitch Azcarate 7th, Luka Wylie 10th and John Smillie 13th.

U14 Girls:  Hayly Fredrickson 3rd and Phoebe Dunn 5th.

U14 Boys:  Jes Sauereisen 1st

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Mar 04

Mark Your Calendar – Closing Team Banquet Is March 20th

The Holiday Valley Closing Banquet will be held at Tannebaum Lodge on Friday, March 20th.  Appetizers will begin at 6:00 pm, followed by dinner at 7:00 pm and awards at 8:00 pm.  This will allow those traveling time to arrive as they can.  More information to follow.

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Feb 28

The Annual Two Day Kandahar Festival Welcomes The U10s-U14s To Holimont

Day one of the annual Kadahar Festival gave all of the U10s-U16s a great day of racing.  A Kinder Kombi was run with the following great results.  The giant slalom was hotley contested on day two.

Day One Kinder Kombi:

U10 Girls Leah Smillie 5th and Alexandra Smillie 6th.

U12 GirlsCaroline DeRose 1st, Alison Martin 9th, Megan Williams 28th, Brooklyn Napolitano 31st, Kate Hurley 40th and Rory Sauereisen 41st.

U14 GirlsHayly Fredrickson 2nd and Phoebe Dunn 8th.

U10 BoysErik Shattenberg 1st, Harry Scanlon 5th, Owen Griffith 7th and Carson Corey 12th.

U12 BoysAlex Wojnowski 1st, Laz Rifkin 3rd, Luka Wylie 6th, Mitch Azcarate 7th, Reichen Morrisey 8th, Ross Fuller 14th, John Smillie 20th, William Dunn 31st, Ryan Scanlon 32nd and Jordan Hathaway 42nd.

U14 BoysJes Sauereisen 2nd and Benjamin Wise 8th.

Day Two Giant Slalom:

U10 Girls Alexandra Smillie 4th and Leah Smillie 8th.

U12 Girls:  Caroline DeRose 1st, Alison Martin 13th, Megan Williams 17th, Brooklyn Napolitano 29th, Kate Hurley 47th, Rory Sauereisen 49th and Sophie Krawec 51st.

U14 Girls:  Hayly Fredrickson 2nd and Phoebe Dunn 4th.

U10 Boys:  Erik Shattenberg 1st, Harry Scanlon 4th, Carson Corey 8th and Beaudin Napolitano 16th.

U12 Boys:  Laz Rifkin 1st, Alex Wojnowski 2nd, Mitch Azcarate 5th, Reichen Morrisey 6th, Luka Wylie 8th, John Smillie 11th, Ross Fuller 26th, William Dunn 28th, Luke Petruzzi 30th and Jack DeRose 32nd.  

U14 Boys:  Jes Sauereisen 1st, Richard Hurley 8th and Benjamin Wise 9th.

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Feb 27

A State Champion Is Crowned, Another Podium, A Top 5 And Two Top 20s At The U18-U21 State Championships

The U18-U21s opened their State Championships at Gore Mountain Friday with SG.  Holiday Valley placed one athlete in the top five and one in the top twenty of the men’s SG.  The day two GS saw a HV athlete podium.  The final day’s SL saw Aiden Elizondo named the U21-U18 State Champion, in addition to another top 20 spot for HV.

Men’s Super-GAiden Elizondo 4th (6th overall), John Carbaugh 17th (19th overall) and Nick Costanzo 39th (41st overall).

Men’s GS:  Aiden Elizondo 3rd (3rd overall), Patrick Hylkema 22nd (20th overall), John Carbaugh 27th (25th overall) and Nick Costanzo 49th (47th overall).

Men’s SL:  Aiden Elizondo 1st (2nd overall) and Patrick Hylkema 18th (19th overall).

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Feb 26

NYSSRA 2013-2014 Awards

With the annoucement of this season’s NYSSRA awards just around the corner, we failed to congratulate last year’s Holiday Valley winners.  Congratulations to the following:

U18 Lynn Brown AwardAiden Elizondo - This award is given annually to the U18 New York racer who best reflects unselfish sportsmanship and who has shown these traits by their actions, dedication, determination and accomplishment in the sport of ski racing.

U16 Horst Weber AwardJohn Carbaugh - This award goes to the U16 New York racer who best reflects unselfish sportsmanship and has shown these traits by their ski results, dedication, determination and accomplishment in the sport of ski racing.

U16 Most Improved AwardAlex Wylie - The recipients, one boy and one girl, are elected for significant improvement over a two year period based primarily on race results while they are a U16 athlete.

U14 Don Cushing Skimeister AwardMax Carbaugh - During the U14 State Championships the top boy and girl arevselected based on simple place points from all runs during the weekend.

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Feb 26

Two Podiums, One Top Five, Four Top Tens And Eight Top Twenty Finishes And Counting At U16 States

The U16 New York State Championships at Bristol Mountain and Hunt Hollow, opened Thursday with the SG at Bristol.  Holiday Valley athletes put in some great runs.  The SG resulted in a top five and four top twenty finishes.  Day two saw a hotly contested men’s GS, with two Holiday Valley top ten finishes. The day three women’s GS had a second run screamer that put an HV athelete on the podium.  The final day’s SL gave HV another podium finish.  To cap off the weekend of racing, Bella Wylie was named Ski Meister as the overall winner.

Bristol SG, WomenBella Wylie 5th, Anya Elizondo 16th, McKenzie Galvin 20th, Devynn Martin 26th, Bailey Creager 29th and Haley Barden 58th.

Bristol SG, MenGuppy Briselden 18th, Max Carbaugh 18th and Eric Schafer 62nd.

Bristol GS, MenMack Hurley 6th, Max Carbaugh 8th, Guppy Briselden 22nd and Eric Schafer 46th.

Hunt Hollow GS, WomenBella Wylie 2nd, Bailey Creager 22nd, Taylor Hubert 34th, McKenzie Galvin 36th, Madeleine Cherr 41st and Haley Barden 75th.

Hunt Hollow SL, Women:  Bella Wylie 2nd, Anya Elizondo 8th, Devynn Martin 13th, Bailey Creager 14th and Haley Barden 66th.

Hunt Hollow SL, Men:  Guppy Briselden 6th, Michael Mercer 12th, Mack Hurley 17th and Eric Schafer 30th.

Hunt Hollow Super-Combined, Women:  Bella Wylie 3rd, Anya Elizondo 8th, Devynn Martin 12th, Bailey Creager 19th and Haley Barden 52nd.

Hunt Hollow Super-Combined, Men:  Guppy Briselden 8th and Eric Schafer 46th.

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Feb 16

U10-U12-U14 WrapThe Regular Season With Outstanding Recognitions

With the completion of the U10-U12-U14 regular season comes the naming of the top boy and girl racers in the council and the naming of the U14 States Team.  Holiday Valley again had a great showing and congratulations to all honored.  Candice Kasahara was named top U14 Girl, Alex Wojnowski the top U12 Boy and Erik Shattenberg the top U10 Boy.

The U14 States teams were named as follows:

Girls:  Candice Kasahara 1st, Logan Fredrickson 2nd, Paige Duffy 3rd, Katherine Wojnowski 4th, Lauren Thomas 7th, Fiona Kavcic 8th, Sierra Cappelli 9th, Cassidy Creager 10th and Hayly Fredrickson Alternate.

Boys:  Bode Vance 2nd, Philip Vance 5th, Alec Nolan 9th, Patrick Scanlon 10th and Orry Shattenberg 11th.

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Feb 14

U8-U14s Battle It Out In A Dual Slalom At Kissing Bridge And Kombi At Buffalo Ski Club

The U8-U14 teams hit the annual dual slalom shootout at Kissing Bridge on Saturday.  The traditional two run race was hotly contested with the top racers advancing to a dual shootout.  Paige Duffy was named the U14 Queen of Hill and Alex Wojnowski U12 King of Hill for winning the shootouts.

Day two of the weekend brought an end to the regular season for the U8-U14 teams.  The final race was a  Kombi held at Buffalo Ski Club

Saturday Dual SL:

U8 Girls:  Molly DeRose 3rd.

U10 Girls:  Alexandra Smillie 5th and Leah Smillie 6th.

U12 Girls:  Alison Martin 8th, Caroline DeRose 10th, Brooklyn Napolitano 14th, Kate Hurley 19th, Megan Williams 20th, Rory Sauereisen 24th and Jane Peck 26th.

U14 Girls:  Candice Kasahara 1st, Paige Duffy 2nd, Cassidy Creager 3rd, Katherine Wojnowski 4th, Fiona Kavcic 7th, Logan Fredrickson 8th, Sierra Cappelli 9th, Lauren Thomas 10th and Phoebe Dunn 14th.

U10 Boys:  Erik Shattenberg 1st, Harry Scanlon 4th, Owen Griffith 5th and Carson Corey 6th.

U12 Boys:  Alex Wojnowski 1st, Laz Rifkin 2nd, Mitchell Azcarate 3rd, Reichen Morrisey 4th, Luka Wylie 6th, Ross Fuller 11th, John Smillie 12th, Ryan Scanlon 18th, William Dunn 19th and Jack DeRose 21st.

U14 Boys:  Phillip Vance 4th, Bode Vance 5th, Jes Sauereisen 10th, Alec Nolan 12th, Patrick Scanlon 13th, Richard Hurley 14th, Ben Wise 17th and Orry Shattenberg 19th.

Sunday Kombi:

U10 Girls:  Alexandra Smillie 3rd and Leah Smillie 5th.

U12 Girls:  Caroline DeRose 2nd and Alison Martin 4th.

U14 Girls:  Candice Kasahara 1st, Katherine Wojnowski 2nd, Fiona Kavcic 4th, Paige Duffy 6th, Hayly Fredrickson 10th and Phoebe Dunn 14th.

U10 Boys:  Erik Shattenberg 1st, Harry Scanlon 3rd, Carson Corey 5th and Owen Griffith 8th.

U12 Boys:  Alex Wojnowski 1st, John Smillie 8th, William Dunn 12th and Ryan Scanlon 13th.

U14 Boys:  Bode Vance 2nd, Orry Shattenberg 8th, Jes Sauereisen 9th, Patrick Scanlon 14th and Ben Wise 15th.

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Feb 14

Four Podiums And Four Top Fives For The U16-U18-U21 Team

The U16 and U18-U21 teams opened strong at this weekend’s Empire Cup Series races at Bristol Mountain.  Aiden Elizondo earned two podium spots with two 2nd place finishes in the SG and GS, with Mack Hurley also earning two podium spots with a third place finish in the GS and a second place finish in the SL.  Bella Wylie finished the SG and GS with two fourth place finishes, Patrick Hylkma placed fourth in the GS, and Anya Elizondo placed fourth in the SL.

Men’s SG, U18-U21Aiden Elizondo 2nd (2nd overall).

Men’s SG, U16Mack Hurley 12th (27th overall) and Erick Schafer 29th (51st overall).

Women’s SG, U16 Bella Wylie 4th (6th overall), Devynn Martin 13th (22nd overall), Bailey Creager 18th (28th overall), Madeleine Cherr 19th (29th overall), McKenzie Galvin 21st (31st overall) and Haley Barden 36th (54th overall).

Women’s GS, U18-U21Lauren Bachert 38th (38th overall)

Men’s GS, U18-U21Aiden Elizondo 2nd (3rd overall), Patrick Hylkema 4th (fifth overall), Alex Wylie 8th (16th overall), Nick Costanzo 12th (25th overall), Ben Finicle 21st (43rd overall) and Parker Nickerson 22nd (46th overall).

Women’s GS, U16Bella Wylie 4th (4th overall), Devynn Martin 9th (14th overall), Anya Elizondo 11th (16th overall), Bailey Creager 13th (21st overall), Madeleine Cherr 14th (22nd overall), McKenzie Galvin 25th (41st overall) and Haley Barden 35th (55th overall).

Women’s SL, U18-U21:  Lauren Bachert 19th (19th overall)

Women’s SL, U16:  Anya Elizondo 4th (8th overall), Devynn Martin 6th (12th overall), Bailey Creager 10th (18th overall) and McKenzie Galvin 12th (24th overall).

Men’s SL, U18-U21:  Alex Wylie 7th (8th overall) and Patrick Hylkema 9th (10th overall).

Men’s SL, U16:  Mack Hurley 2nd (13th overall), Michael Mercer 14th (33rd overall), Eric Schafer 22nd (48th overall) and Christian Taylor 24th (50th overall).

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Feb 09

Six Podiums At Holiday Valley U8-U12 GS

The U8-U12 Teams prove they don’t need the U14s to dominate the podiums and put on a great show.  Holiday Valley hosted the U8-U12 racers for a great day of GS.

U8 Girls:  Molly DeRose 4th.

U10 Girls:  Alexandra Smillie 2nd and Charlotte Harter 9th.

U12 Girls:  Caroline DeRose 2nd, Rory Sauereisen 7th, Megan Williams 11th, Breanna Castle 17th, Ainsley Nickerson 22nd and Taylor Castle 28th.

U10 Boys:  Erik Shattenberg 1st, Carson Corey 3rd, Owen Griffith 7th and Beaudin Napolitano 14th.

U12 Boys:  Alex Wojnowski 1st, Laz Rifkin 2nd, Luka Wylie 5th, Mitchel Azcarate 7th, John Smillie 8th, Ross Fuller 9th, William Dunn 17th, Ryan Scanlon 18th and Luke Petruzzi 19th.



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Feb 07

U14s Race GS And SG At Bristol Mountain

The Niagara Frontier Ski Council and Genesee Valley Ski Council joint giant slalom high-lighted some great skiing by all.  Day two’s super-g saw the three podium spots go to Holiday Valley Racers.  Congratulations to Candice, Cassidy and Paige on a 1, 2, 3 finish.

U14 Girls GSCandice Kasahara 1st (1st in council), Paige Duffy 4th (2nd in council), Lauren Thomas 10th (3rd in council), Hayly Fredrickson 12th (5th in council), Logan Fredrickson 15th (6th in council), Fiona Kavcic 18th (9th in council), Phoebe Dunn 27th (18th in council) and Sierra Cappelli 29th (20th in council).

U14 Boys GS Bode Vance 3rd (1st in council), Phillip Vance 5th (2nd in council), Orry Shattenberg 17th (7th in council), Jes Sauereisen 20th (9th in council) and Ben Wise 36th (16th in council).

U14 Girls SG:  Candice Kasahara 1st (1st in council), Cassidy Creager 2nd (2nd in council), Paige Duffy 3rd (3rd in council), Logan Fredrickson 5th (5th in council), Katherine Wojnowski 7th (7th in council), Fiona Kavcic 13th (10th in council), Phoebe Dunn 14th (11th in council), Lauren Thomas 19th (12 in council), Sierra Cappelli 22nd (13th in council) and Hayly Fredrickson 25th (15th in council).

U14 Boys SG:  Phillip Vance 5th (2nd in council), Bode Vance 8th (4th in council), Jes Sauereisen 23rd (11th in council) and Orry Shattenberg 28th (13th in council).

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Feb 06

Two Holiday Valley Athletes Invited To The Eastern Slalom RTO At Suicide Six, VT

Max Carbaugh (one of three New York men) and Anya Elizondo (one of two New York women) have been invited to a project of the Eastern Regional Training Opportunity, an extension of the Regional Alpine Development progression of USSA.  The U16 and U14 Slalom Training Project will be held on February 9th and 10th at the Suicide Six Ski Area, Woodstock, VT.  The invitations were only extended to ten first year U16 men and women, to ten second year U16 men and women, to five first year U14 men and women, and to five second year U14 men and wome for the Eastern USSA region.  Congratulations.

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Feb 06

HV Podiums On Day Two Of The Empire State Games

Holiday Valley opens the Empire State Games at Whiteface Mountain with three top ten finishes in Super-G.  Aiden Elizondo makes the podium on the day two GS with a second and Patrick Hylkema brings home a top ten.

Women’s SG U16:  Anya Elizondo 8th (21st overall)

Men’s SG U21-U18Aiden Elizondo 8th (8th overall), Michael Costanzo 13th (13th overall) and John Carbaugh 15th (15th overall)

Men’s SG U16Max Carbaugh 7th (26th overall)

Women’s GS U16Devynn Martin 7th (20th overall)

Men’s GS U21-U18Aiden Elizondo 2nd (2nd overall), Patrick Hylkema 9th (9th overall), John Carbaugh 30th (30th overall), Michael Costanzo 37th (37th overall) and Nick Costanzo 49th (49th overall).

Men’s GS U16:  Max Carbaugh 13th (33rd overall).

Men’s SL U21-U18:  Michael Costanzo 12th (12th overall) and Ben Finicle 41st (41st overall).

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Feb 05

Holiday Valley Racers Qualify For The Empire State Games

Congratulations to the following Holiday Valley athletes that have qualified for the 35th Emplire State Games in Lake Placid, New York.

U18-U21Aiden Elizondo (7th), Patrick Hylkema (14th), John Carbaugh (18th), Michael Costanzo (32nd), Nick Costanzo (44th) and Ben Finicle (45th).

U16Anya Elizondo (5th), Bailey Creager (9th), Devynn Martin (10th), Max Carbaugh (12th), Guppy Briselden (13th) and Michael Mercer (21st).

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Jan 31

FIS Team Heads To Canada

The FIS team traveled north to the AOA Canadian FIS SL-Provincial Championships at Craigleith Ski Club and to the Canadian FIS GS Ontario Championships at Georgian Peaks, Collingwood, Ontario.  Aiden Elizondo had a great three days with two top ten slalom finishes and a top twenty GS finish.  The first day of slalom yielded him a 7th, with the fourth fastest second run. He finished 9th in the second day’s slalom and finished 19th in the final day’s GS.

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Jan 24

The U10-U14 Team Opens Their Season With Six Podium Finishes

The Holiday Valley team has been waiting to start their season and start it they did.  The girls opened with six podiums and the boys with three at the Holimont GS.  Day two brought another great day for the team at the Holiday Valley SL.

Girls GS:

U8:  Molly DeRose 3rd

U10:  Leah Smillie 2nd, Alexandra Smillie 3rd, Charlotte Harter 10th and Zoe Philp 12th.

U12:  Caroline DeRose 1st, Alison Martin 7th, Rory Sauereisen 19th, Kate Hurley 20th and Jane Peck 30th.

U14:  Logan Fredrickson 1st, Candice Kasahara 2nd, Katherine Wojnowski 4th, Paige Duffy 5th, Fiona Kavcic 6th, Sierra Cappelli 8th, Lauren Thomas 11th, Hayly Fredrickson 12th, Phoebe Dunn 17th and Hayley Mahoney 21st.

Boys GS:

U10: Erik Shattenberg 1st, Carson Corey 4th and Owen Griffith 8th.

U12:  Alex Wojnowski 1st, Luka Wylie 4th, Mitchell Azcarate 5th, John Smillie 11th, Ross Fuller 12th, Ryan Scanlon 13th, Luke Petruzzi 16th, William Dunn 17th and Jordan Hathaway 24th.

U14:  Bode Vance 1st, Alec Nolan 4th, Orry Shattenberg 5th, Patrick Scanlon 7th, Richard Hurley 12th, Benjamin Wise 13th and Jes Sauereisen 15th.

Girls SL:

U8:  Molly DeRose 3rd.

U10:  Leah Smillie 3rd, Alexandra Smillie 5th, Charlotte Harter 10th and Zoe Philp 11th.

U12:  Caroline DeRose 1st, Alison Martin 9th, Brooklyn Napolitano 16th, Megan Williams 18th, Kate Hurley 19th, Rory Sauereisen 20th, Breanna Castle 24th, Sophie Krawec 26th, Ainsley Nickerson 29th, Jane Peck 30th and Taylor Castle 37th.

U14:  Katherine Wojnowski 1st, Logan Fredrickson 2nd, Sierra Cappelli 3rd, Fiona Kavcic 6th, Candice Kasahara 8th, Hayly Fredrickson 9th, Phoebe Dunn 13th and Cassidy Creager 17th.

Boys SL:

U10:  Erik Shattenberg 1st, Harry Scanlon 2nd, Carson Corey 3rd and Owen Griffith 8th.

U12:  Laz Rifkin 1st, Mitchell Azcarate 2nd, Ross Fuller 4th, Luka Wylie 5th, John Smillie 14th, Reichen Morrisey 15th, Luke Petruzzi 16th and William Dunn 19th.

U14:  Bode Vance 2nd, Patrick Scanlon 3rd, Phillip Vance 4th, Alec Nolan 5th, Jes Sauereisen 11th, Richard Hurley 13th and Benjamin Wise 14th.

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Jan 24

U16 Team Take Two Podiums And Four Top Tens While Traveling To Greek Peak And Toggenburg

A small contingent of the U16 team spent the weekend at Greek Peak and Toggenburg.  Anya Elizondo made the podium with a second place finish in both races, with Devynn Martin and Mack Hurley placing 5th in the SL, and two others placed in the top ten.

Day 1, Greek Peak GS:

Women:  Anya Elizondo 2nd

Men:  Guppy Briselden 6th.

Day2, Toggenburg SL:

Women:  Anya Elizondo 2nd and Devynn Martin 5th.

Men:  Mack Hurley 5th, Michael Mercer 9th, Eric Schafer 32nd and Christian Taylor 35th.



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Jan 24

U16 And U18/U21 Teams Head East For Giant Slalom

The U16, U18 and U21 teams spent the weekend at Hunt Hollow and Greek Peak for two days of giant slalom.  The team opened strong at Hunt Hollow with 5 top 20 finishes and at Greek Peak with 4.

Women’s GS Day 1 Hunt HollowBella Wylie 4th (2nd U16), Devynn Martin 12th (4th U16), Bailey Creager 23rd (5th U16), Taylor Hubert 25th (6th U16), Lauren Bachert 33rd, Madeleine Cherr 35th (9th U16), McKenzie Galvin 36th (10th U16) and Haley Barden 50th (12th U16).

Men’s GS Day 1 Hunt Hollow John Carbaugh 4th, Patrick Hylkema 5th, Aiden Elizondo 16th, Nick Costanzo 33rd, Ben Finicle 39th and Christian Taylor 42nd.

Men’s GS Day 2 Greek Peak:  Aiden Elizondo 5th, Patrick Hylkema 12th, Michael Costanzo 16th, Ben Finicle 19th, Max Carbaugh 22nd (1st U16) and Nicholas Costanzo 38th.

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Jan 23

It’s Super-G Time For The U18s And U21s

The U18-U21 team, joined by a U16 team member opened their speed season with a top five, a top ten and a top twenty finish at Bristol Mountain.  The sunny day made for a great day of speed.

Men’s SG:  Aiden Elizondo 4th and Michael Costanzo 19th.

Women’s SG:  Anya Elizondo 9th (3rd U16s) and Lauren Bachert 28th.

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Jan 11

U18+ Team Heads East To Labrador Mountain

The U18+ team spends the weekend racing slalom at Labrador Mountain.  They bring home a top 5 and a top 15 finish.

Men’s SL Day 1:  Aiden Elizondo 5th, Patrick Hylkema 17th, Michael Costanzo 21st, Nick Costanzo 36th, John Carbaugh 40th and Parker Nickerson 51st.

Men’s SL Day 2:  Patrick Hylkema 13th, Michael Costanzo 23rd, John Carbaugh 35th, Nick Costanzo 36th and Ben Finicle 43rd.

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Jan 10

U16s Take Two Podiums And Twelve Top 15 Spots

The U16 team opened their regular season with a bang by taking two podiums and twelve top 15 spots at their opening race weekend. The opening U16 Cup West GS was held at Holimont on Saturday, followed by the SL at Buffalo Ski Club on Sunday.  Congratulations to Bailey Creager and Mack Hurley for the third place podium finishes in the slalom.

Women’s GS:  Devynn Martin 4th, Anya Elizondo 11th, Taylor Hubert 13th, Bailey Creager 15th, Madeleine Cherr 17th, McKenzie Galvin 22nd and Haley Barden 42nd.

Men’s GS:  Max Carbaugh 8th, Guppy Briselden 9th and Eric Schafer 44th.

Women’s SL:  Bailey Creager 3rd, Anya Elizondo 6th, Devynn Martin 9th, Madeleine Cherr 20th, McKenzie Galvin 26th and Haley Barden 39th.

Men’s SL:  Mack Hurley 3rd, Max Carbaugh 6th, Guppy Briselden 9th and Eric Schafer 29th.



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Jan 05

Private Ski Lessons Available

Inigo DeOrbe, our daytime academy/FIS coach is available to give private ski lessons at HV on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 9 a.m. until noon. He welcomes individuals and/or groups for lessons.

As an instructor, Inigo has a wealth of experience. He is a former national ski team racer from Spain and has been coaching at Holiday Valley and Holimont for over 30 years.

Inigo’s wife is again battling cancer and he is offering his expertise to earn funds for her treatment.

Call his store, Aardvaark Furnishings at 716.699.6092 to reserve your lesson times before they are taken!  Please leave a message if no answer.

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Jan 03

Small Contingent Of U16 & U18 Head To Whiteface

Holiday Valley places two racers in the top 25 overall on day one and one in the top 20 on day two.  A small group of Holiday Valley U16 and U18 racers headed to the Whiteface Open U21-U16 GS and SL races.  See complete results at the Results Tab.

GS Results:

U16 Women:  Anya Elizondo 7th (21st overall)

U16 Men:  Guppy Briselden 15th (42nd overall)

U18 Men:  John Carbaugh 6th (12th overall)

SL Results:

U16 Women:  Anya Elizondo 5th (17th overall)

U16 Men:  Max Carbaugh 8th (31st overall)

U18 Men:  John Carbaugh 9th (32nd overall)

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Dec 31

U16s and U18+ Teams Open Their Seasons

The U16, U18 and U21 teams opened their seasons with many strong finishes.  The first annual Holimont New Year’s Eve Opener GS host a large group of racers anxious to get the season started.  See the Results Tab for all results.

U16 Women:  Bella Wylie 2nd, Devynn Martin 5th, Bailey Creager 7th, Anya Elizondo 8th, Taylor Hueber 14th, Madeleine Cherr 16th, McKenzie Galvin 17th and Haley Barden 22nd.

U16 Men:  Mack Hurley 5th, Max Carbaugh 6th Michael Mercer 14th and Eric Schafer 21st.

U18 Men:  Alex Wylie 2nd, Patrick Hylkema 3rd, John Carbaugh 4th, Ben Finicle 12th and Nicholas Costanzo 14th.

U21 Men:  Mike Costanzo 4th.

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Dec 31

The Lack Of Snow Doesn’t Slow Down Christmas Camp

A very successful Christmas Camp comes to an end with the annual Christmas Camp race.  Check out all of the great results.  Go to the Results Tab for all results.

U10 Girls:  Leah Smillie 1st, Lexi Smillie 2nd, Zoe Philp 3rd and Charlotte Harter 4th.

U10 Boys:  Carson Corey 1st, Harry Scanlon 2nd and Sage Smith 3rd.

U12 Girls:  Alison Martin 1st, Ainsley Nickerson 2nd, Caroline DeRose 3rd, Kate Hurley 4th, Breanna Castle 5th, Sophie Krawec 6th, Megan Williams 7th, Rory Sauereisen 8th, Jane Peck 9th and Taylor Castle 10th.

U12 Boys:  Alex Wojnowski 1st, Reichen Morrisey 2nd, Mitchell Azcarate 3th, Ryan Scanlon 4th, Henry Dunn 5th, Luke Petuzzi 6th, Ross Fuller 7th, Jack DeRose 8th, Connor Keefe 9th, John Smillie 10th and Laz Rifkin 11th.

U14 Girls:  Logan Fredrickson 1st, Sierra Cappelli 2nd, Candice Kasahara 3rd, Lauren Thomas 4th, Hayly Fredrickson 5th, Cassidy Creager 6th, Phoebe Dunn 7th, Katherine Wojnowski 8th and Fiona Kavcic 9th.

U14 Boys:  Orry Shattenberg 1st, Steel Hurley 2nd, Jes Sauereisen 3rd, Patrick Scanlon 4th, Bode Vance 5th, Benjamin Wise 6th and Alec Nolan 7th.

U16 Boys:  Sean Nolan 1st.

Overall:  Logan Fredrickson 1st, Alex Wojnowski 2nd and Sean Nolan 3rd.

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Dec 30

Sponsorships And Member Handbooks Now Online

As discussed during the Parents’ Meeting, the printable sponsorship information and Member Handbook are now available for printing.

The sponsorship material is available by clicking the Sponsorship Tab on the Home Page.

The Member Handbook can be seen by clicking on:  Member Handbook

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Dec 30

FIS Team Puts Second Race Series In The Books

The FIS team is heading home from two days of slalom at the Canadian FIS Nik Zoricic Cup at Mt. Saint Louis, Ontario.  The two day slalom event was held under the lights, a new experience for the racers.  Click on the Results Tab for complete results.

Day 1 Results:  Aiden Elizondo 41st (60th first run, 35th second run) and John Carbaugh 58th (65th, 59th).

Day 2 Results:  Aiden Elizondo 27th (28th, 29th) and John Carbaugh 64th (73rd, 61st)



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Dec 29

Here Is Your Ski Tuning Handbook

We want to thank Tom Briselden ( for sharing his time and expertise with us at the ski tuning clinic.  I hope our new and experienced parents and our athletes learned a few things.  The following links provide some suggested tool kit configurations for each level of racing and waxing charts for SWIX and Dominator waxes:

Please remember, never hesitate to ask questions of another race parent or racer regarding tuning and waxing.

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Dec 27

Baseline Concussion Testing To Begin

We will begin offering Impact Concussion Baseline Testing Monday December 29th, continuing into Tuesday December 30th.  Coaches will be given signup sheets.  All racers 10 and up should be taking this annual test.

To complete the testing we need to borrow laptops for the two days.  If anyone can spare a laptop for one or both of the days please contact Jim Elizondo at 260.433.5388.

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Dec 27

Parents Meeting Scheduled

Please plan on attending the Parents Meeting at 1:15 pm, Tuesday, December 30th, at the Training Center.  We will have a brief meeting before the kids come in and then plan to break by age groups with coaches.  The plan is to break with coaches at 2:45 pm.  See everyone there.

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Dec 27

Join Us At The Tuning Clinic

We be hosting our annual tuning clinic.  The ski tuning clinic will be given by Tom Briselden on Monday, December 29th, at 1:00 in the Training Center.  All new parents should plan to attend so you can learn the basics of tuning your kid’s skis as well as supplies needed.

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Dec 27

Christmas Camp Announcements

Christmas camp starts today. Ready and on the snow at 9 am.  Same schedule as weekend training. If you younger kids in the Rangers program, there should be an inctructor at the training center to pick them and take them to Rangers.

9-11:30 on snow

11:30-12:30 lunch

12:30-2:30 on snow

The exception is Sunday because all coaches have a coaches’ training session starting at 2 pm. Plan to pick up your kids accordingly that day.

Camp goes Friday the 27th to the 30th with the Christmas camp race for all kids on Wednesday the 31st. Pizza party to follow the race for all of the kids.

You will need to sign up and pay for the Christmas camp race in the training center this week.  Cost was $5.

The Parents’ Association meeting is a wealth of information and is scheduled for 1:15 pm on Tuesday. Breakout sessions with your specific coaches will follow the meeting at 2:45 after the kids come in for the day. Please plan to attend–especially new families. We cover a ton of team info at this meeting.

If you have not already signed up for NYSSRA (New York State Ski Racing Association) and USSA (United States Ski/Snowboard Association), you need to do so for your racer to be eligible to race this season. We need this done before then end of the year because  quotas for state races are based on these numbers. DO NOT sign up under the student category. You must be  signed up under competitor status.

We will have team jacket samples and HV spirit wear at the training center this week. Anyone interested can try on for sizing this week so we can quickly get an order placed.

There is a ski tuning clinic by Tom Briselden on Monday at 1:00.  All new parents should plan to attend so you can learn the basics of tuning your kid’s skis as well as supplies needed.

We will be conducting concussion testing for all racers. Dates and times will be available shortly for when this will happen. Please look for sign up sheets. We take concussions very seriously and we recommend an annual baseline test for each racer. We offer this to the team at no cost.

This is also the time to look and list any equipment or apparel that your kids may not be using on skibay. send us the pictures and prices and we will list them on the website.

This is the most updated master group list to use until after the Parents’ Meeting where we hope to get all information collected.


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Dec 14

The Season Begins – We Have Our First Race Results

The FIS Team opened the season with four top ten finishes.  Aiden Elizondo opened the race season this weekend in Northern Michigan at the Mid Am National USSA GS and the FIS SL races.  Aiden finished all four events in the top ten and missed the podium by just one hundredth of a second (.01).

First GS:  7th place

Second GS:  6th place

First SL:  6th place

Second SL:  4th place

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Nov 04

HV Athletes To Attend Fundamentals Camps At Lake Placid

Ten Holiday Valley athletes have been invited to attend the NYSSRA Pre-Season Fundamentals Camps at Whiteface Mountain, Lake Placid.

The U14 Fundamentals camp will be held December 11th through 14th.  Congratulations to the invitees: Sierra Cappelli, Paige Duffy, Haley Friedrickson, Logan Friedrickson, Fiona Kavcic and Lauren Thomas.

The U16 Fundamentals camp will be held December 4th through 7th.  Congratulations to the invitees: Max Carbaugh, Anya Elizondo, Devynn Martin and Tommy Shantler.

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Nov 03

HV Athletes Invited And Attended Olympic Training Center Dryland Camp

Congratulations to the following athletes who were invited and attended the NYSSRA U14-U16 Dryland Camp at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid on October 3rd through 5th.

Guppy Briselden U16

Anya Elizondo U16

Tommy Shantler U16

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Oct 22

NFSC Fitness Clinic Results

The NFSC Fitness Clinic went well and was well attended by the council.  Click the following link for the test results. Thanks for participating and keep that dry-land training going.


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Oct 18

Plan Your Race Schedule

The calendar has been updated with all posted races from FIS to U8.

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Oct 12

Visit SkiBay – See The Newly Listed 2014/2015 Season Items

If you’re looking for equipment to buy or sell your equipment, look no farther then the new SkiBay. We have had sales as far away as Alaska, California and Florida.  Now you can directly add your own equipment to sell. Click here to go to SkiBay

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Oct 06

NFSC Fitness Clinic


On October 19th, one month from today, Thomas Lam will be coming to back to Elicottville for our fitness and dry-land clinic. This year we have expanded the event into both a testing and dry-land event. We have invited teams from NFSC to participate and compete against our athletes. This clinic will be a lot different from previous ones you may have attended. This year each athlete will get to practice each test before they are scored. After each test is scored training principles will be presented that will give the kids workouts that should help to directly improve each test. Remember, as our athletes improve their test results and fitness it should directly improve their skiing results. Also, each athlete will still receive a personal movement analysis by Dr. Lam himself. Many of our athletes have used this data to help effect positive change before the beginning of the ski season. Remember it takes a lot of effort and planning to put these events together. Please try to make it out for this event, as a club, it really opens us up to many new opportunities!

This year we will be giving out awards just a like a ski race or any other competitive event!

Click here for a copy of the announcement and event flyer!  Feel free to email me with anymore questions!


Nick Nenno

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Oct 01

Get Your Team Window Stickers

Team window stickers are available.  These great looking, 9″ x 4″, stickers are the perfect compliment to any ski racer’s vehicle.  At $10 they will go fast.  Please contact Mary Ellen Elizondo to purchase yours.

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Oct 01

Follow us on Twitter!

Follow Holiday Valley Race Team on Twitter for the latest team updates. @HVRaceTeam

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