Apr 06

Slush Cups Bring An End To A Great Season

The Holimont GS and the Holiday Valley SL Slush Cups provided a great end to a great season.  Atypical weather started the Slush Cup weekend off with cold and windy conditions for the GS, but mother nature rewarded those that stayed to race the SL at Holiday Valley, with a sunny and warm day to end the racing season.

Holimont GS #1

Women:  Bella Wylie 7th, Meredith Parenti 16th and Maddie Evans 17th

Men:  Tommy Shantler 5th, John Carbaugh 14th, Alex Wylie 22nd and Parker Nickerson 27th.

Holimont GS #2

Women:  Bella Wylie 9th, Meredith Parenti 17th and Maddie Evans 20th

Men:  Tommy Shantler 2nd, John Carbaugh 8th, Alex Wylie 21st and Parker Nickerson 27th.

Holiday Valley SL #1

Women:  Maddie Evans 8th and Gillian Martin 13th.

Men:  Ethan Hejna 4th and Patrick Hylkema 6th.  

Holiday Valley SL #2

Women:  Bella Wylie 5th, Maddie Evans 8th, Meredith Parenti 16th and Gillian Martin 20th.

Men:  Aiden Elizondo 3rd, Tommy Shantler 10th, John Carbaugh 16th and Eric Schafer 30th.  

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Apr 03

U14 National Assessment Results

Max Carbaugh has a great week in Park City, caping it off with a 38th in the Dual Combined.  Congratulations on a great season.

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Mar 29

Top Twenty Finish At U14 Can-Am

Spring weather forced the schedule of events to change at the U14 Can-Am at Sugarloaf, ME.  The skills challenge was moved forward a day, leaving the GS for Saturday and the SL for Sunday.

The GS brought good results, with Guppy Briselden finishing 32nd, Anya Elizondo 35th and Candice Kasahara 40th in a field of the top racers from the Rocky Mountain/Central division and the Eastern division of the USA and the three eastern provinces of Canada.

The SL had two great finishes for HV racers.  Anya Elizondo fished 16th (1st New York and 8th USA) and Candice Kasahara 23rd (2nd New York and 13th USA).  Great skiing.

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Mar 23

Another Great Northwind SG

The Northwind SG brought speeds of upto 56 miles per hour.  Coach John Galvin takes the mens overall title, with Aiden Elizondo taking second and Lou Moore third.  The women’s overall title went to Anya Elizondo, with Bella Wylie second and Meredith Parenti third.

U10 Girls:  Allison Martin 1st in class/72nd overall and Gianna DeRose 2nd/91st.

U12 Girls:  Lauren Thomas 1st/28th, Logan Fredrickson 2nd/42nd, Hayly Fredrickson 3rd/47th,Caroline DeRose 4th/62nd, Rory Sauereisen 5th/97th, and Kate Hurley 6th/107th.

U14 Girls:  Anya Elizondo 1st/10th, Paige Duffy 2nd/20th, Candice Kasahara 3rd/26th, Phoebe Dunn 4th/27th, McKenzie Galvin 5th/29th, Devynn Martin 6th/36th, and Haley Barden 7th/51st.

U16 Girls:  Bella Wylie 1st/15th and Gillian Martin 2nd/44th.

U18 Women:  Meredith Parenti 1st/17th.

U10 Boys:  Erik Shattenberg 1st/66th, Mitchell Azcarate 2nd/82nd, Luke Petruzzi 3rd/86th, Jack DeRose 4th/92nd, and Jordan Hathaway 5th/130th.

U12 Boys:  Body Vance 1st/46th, Orry Shattenberg 2nd/48th, Reichen Morrisey 3rd/60th, Luka Wylie 4th/70th, Henry Dunn 6th/79th, and Ross Fuller 7th/83rd.

U14 Boys:  Jes Sauereisen 1st/35th and Steel Hurley 2nd/67th.

U16 Boys:  John Carbaugh 1st/16th, Parker Nickerson 2nd/19th, Eric Schafer 3rd/21st, Mack Hurley (one ski) 5th/78th, and Zachary Morrisey 8th/120th.

U18 Men:  Aiden Elizondo 1st/2nd and Michael Costanzo 3rd/23rd.

Coaches:  John Galvin 1st/1st, Miguel Azcarate 2nd/4th, Brad Carbaugh 3rd/5th, Joe Lyford 4th/9th, Connor Kell 5th/13th, Caitlin Croft 6th/22nd, Alex Nenno 8th/37th and Yuichi Kasahara 9th/41st.

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Mar 21

Two Holiday Valley Racers Competing At The U16 Can-Am

The Intersport U16 Can-Am is underway at Mont Tremblant, Quebec.  Ethan Hejna and Tommy Shantler will be competing in the SG, GS and SL.

SG:  Tommy Shantler 36th

SL:  Tommy Shantler 47th.

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Mar 16

U14s Send One To Park City National Assessment And Three To AM-CAN

Max Carbaugh was named to represent the Eastern Region at the U14 National Assessment Project in Park City, UT, March 30th to April 4th.  The project will bring the top athletes from across the country together for racing and skills assessment.  Congratulations and good luck.

Guppy Briselden, Anya Elizondo and Candice Kasahara were named from the USSA U14 Eastern Championships to represent the USA at the AM-CAN U14 GS & SL at Sugarloaf, ME, March 28th to 30th.  The race pits the top eastern US racers against the top eastern Canadian racers.  Good luck and congratulations.

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Mar 16

Top 10 For U16 At Whiteface

Tommy Shantler placed 10th at today’s Whiteface Alumni GS, Lake Placid, NY.

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Mar 15

Two Top Twenty-Five Finishes At U12 Piche

The Francis Piche Invitational Championship (the eastern championship for U12s), March 14th – 16th, Gunstock, NH, was contested today.  The race weekend included a training day, the Piche, a GS, and an optional SL.

Day 2 GS:

Caroline DeRose 25th and Logan Fredrickson 38th.

Bode Vance 21st and Orry Shattenberg 41st.

Day 3 SL:

Logan Fredrickson 23rd.

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Mar 14

Podium and Six Top Twenty Finishes At U14 Eastern Champs

The USSA U14 Eastern Championships at Stowe Mountain opened today, March 14th, with the slalom.  A skills assessment will take place on Saturday and the weekend will end Sunday with the GS.

Friday’s slalom got Holiday Valley off to a great start with three top twenty finishes, Guppy Briselden 10th, Anya Elizondo 12th and Max Carbaugh 16th.

Day 1 SL

Girls:  Anya Elizondo 12th, Candice Kasahara 33rd and Devynn Martin 36th.

Boys:  Guppy Briselden 10th and Max Carbaugh 16th.

Sunday’s giant slalom only got better with Max Carbaugh taking 3rd.

Day 2 GS

Girls:  Anya Elizondo 13th, Candice Kasahara 20th and Devynn Martin 38th.

Boys:  Max Carbaugh 3rd and Guppy Briselden 17th.

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Mar 13

Holiday Valley Athletes Invited To U14 Invitational Project

Paige Duffy‘s strong super-g and Michael Mercer’s GS results at the New York State Championships have earned them an invite to the VARA / NYSSRA U14 Invitational Project, Stratton Mountain, VT, March 20th and 21st.  The “camp like” project will include 30 Vermont and 20 New York athletes in a day of speed fundamental training and a day of team GS dual races.  Congratulations.

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Mar 11

Five U14s To Represent New York At Eastern Championships

Anya Elizondo and Max Carbaugh will lead the New York team at the USSA U14 Eastern Championships (previously the Junior Olympics) as the top girl and top boy racer from the New York State Championships.  Five Holiday Valley racers in total have qualified to represent New York State at the Eastern Championships, March 13th-16th, Stowe Mountain, VT.  The race weekend includes a SL, a skills day and a GS.  Congratulations and good luck to the following listed by overall New York team placement:

Anya Elizondo 1st, Devyn Martin 10th and Candice Kasahara 13th.

Max Carbaugh 1st and Guppy Briselden 6th.


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Mar 11

Six U12 Racers Qualify For Piche

Lauren Thomas and Body Vance will lead the New York team at the Piche Invitational as the top girl and top boy racer from the Kandahar Champs weekend.  Five Holiday Valley racers in total have qualified to represent New York State at the Francis Piche Invitational Championship (the eastern championship for U12s), March 14th – 16th, Gunstock, NH.  The race weekend includes a training day, the Piche, a GS, and an optional SL.  Congratulations and good luck to the following listed by overall New York team placement:

Lauren Thomas 1st, Cassidy Creager 4th, Caroline DeRose 5th, and Logan Fredrickson 7th.

Bode Vance 1st and Orry Shattenberg 11th.


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Mar 11

Two U16 Advance To Can-Am

Ethan Henja and Tommy Shantler were named to the USSA U16 Eastern Championships to represent the USA at the CAN-AM U16 Intersport SG,GS,SL at Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, March 20th to 23rd.  The race pits the top eastern US racers against the top eastern Canadian racers.  Good luck and congratulations.

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Mar 10

HV Hits It Hard At The Kandahar Championships

The Kandahar Championships (the “U12 State Championships”) were held a Belleayre Mountain on March 10th, with the Big Dog Duel SL on March 11th.  The Holiday Valley contingent dominated the podium with three champions and three additional top ten finishes.  Congratulations to the champions:  Lauren Thomas, Bode Vance and Erik Shattenberg.  The following are all of the great finishes:

Kinder Kombi Run 1

U12 Girls:  Lauren Thomas 1st, Caroline DeRose 3rd, Logan Fredrickson 6th, Hayly Fredrickson 14th, and Cassidy Creager 53rd.

U12 Boys:  Bode Vance 1st and Orry Shattenberg 20th.

U10 Boys:  Erik Shattenberg 1st.

GS Run 2

U12 Girls:  Cassidy Creager 2nd, Lauren Thomas 6th, Logan Fredrickson 7th, Caroline DeRose 11th, and Hayly Fredrickson 13th.

U12 Boys:  Bode Vance 3rd and Orry Shattenberg 10th.

U10 Boys:  Erik Shattenberg 1st.


U12 Girls:  Lauren Thomas 1st, Caroline DeRose 3rd, Logan Fredrickson 4th, Hayly Fredrickson 14th, and Cassidy Creager 21st.

U12 Boys:  Bode Vance 1st and Orry Shattenberg 8th.

U10 Boys:  Erik Shattenberg 1st.

The Big Dog Duel SL was added as a new event this year to make a weekend of racing following the one day Kandahar Champs.  The results for the qualifiers are:

U12 Girls:  Logan Fredrickson 1st and Hayly Fredrickson 9th

U12 Boys:  Orry Shattenberg 9th.

U10 Boys:  Eric Shattenberg 1st.

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Mar 10

USSA U16 Eastern Finals, Sunday River, ME

Mack Hurley represented Holiday Valley at the USSA U16 Eastern Finals, Sunday River, ME, March 6th through 9th.  He finished in the top twenty on days one and two, with the following great results: 17th in the SG, 17th in the SL and 39th in the GS.

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Mar 10

FIS Eastern Finals, Okemo, VT

Aiden Elizondo represented Holiday Valley at the USSA FIS Eastern Final, Okemo, VT, March 8th to 12th.  He  skied stronger after returning from surgury.  He placed 20th U18,/43rd Overall in the slalom, 37th U18/70th Overall in the GS, 51st U18/63 Overall in the first SG, and 53rd U18/68th Overall in the second SG.

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Mar 10

USSA U16 Eastern Championships At Whiteface

The U16 USSA Eastern Championships held March 6th to 10th at Whiteface Mountain, Lake Placid, NY.  Our athletes are representing themselves well in SG, GS and SL.  Please see all the great results below:

Day 1

Women’s SG:  Bella Wylie 65th.

Men’s SG:  Ethan Hejna 34th, JD Foxcroft 38th, Tommy Shantler 47th, and John Carbaugh 66th.

Day 2

Women’s SG: Bella Wylie 55th.

Men’s SG Tommy Shantler 26th, Ethan Hejna 40th, JD Foxcroft 41st, and John Carbaugh 69th.

Day 3

Men’s GS:  Ethan Hejna 25th, JD Foxcroft 33rd, and John Carbaugh 44th.

Day 4

Women’s GS: Bella Wylie 48th.

Day 5

Women’s SL:  Bella Wylie 45th.

Men’s SL:  Ethan Hejna 19th.


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Mar 10

Holiday Valley Takes Three Golds At The U14 State Championships

The U14 State Championships held over the last two weekends at Holiday Valley and Windham Mountain yield great results for the Holiday Valley Race Team and the Niagara Frontier Council.  Holiday Valley had three state champions named, Anya Elizondo SL, Max Carbaugh SL, Max Carbaugh SG; one “ski-meister” (top athlete including all runs,) Max Carbaugh; two top seeds representing New York at the USSA Eastern Championships (top athlete based on top three runs) Anya Elizondo, Max Carbaughs;  and many great top twenty finishs,Please see all the great results below:

Day 1 Holiday Valley:

A new event was added to the U14 State Championships. This year the opening day of States introduced a skills challenge to the festivities. All racers were rated on three ski specific skills. Three of our Holiday Valley racers were honored with the highest ranking skills.

Girls: Candice Kasahara 1st and Anya Elizondo 3rd.

Boys: Guppy Briselden 2nd

Day 2 Holiday Valley

Two State Champions, a third place finish and a top ten finish lead the U14 team on the first racing day of the New York State Championships. Anya Elizondo and Max Carbaugh were named the New York U14 Slalom State Champions at the Holiday Valley race. Congratulations to our State Champs.

Girls SL: Anya Elizondo 1st, Devynn Martin 4th, Candice Kasahara 9th, Paige Duffy 25th, McKenzie Galvin 34th and Bailey Creager 37th.

Boys SL: Max Carbaugh 1st, Guppy Briselden 3rd and Phillip Vance 36th.

Day 3 Windham Mountain

The second weekend of the U16 State Championships was held at Windham Mountain.  Saturday’s giant slalom had four Holiday Valley racers finish in the top ten.

Girls GS:  Anya Elizondo 5th, Candice Kasahara 7th, Devynn Martin 21st, McKenzie Galvin 30th, Paige Duffy 31st and Bailey Creager 56th.

Boys GS:  Max Carbaugh 4th, Guppy Briselden 7th, Michael Mercer 19th and Phillip Vance 41st.

Day 4 Windham Mountain

All New York U14 athletes participated in ther first every Super-G State Championships.  The year was the first time the speed event has been included for U14 athletes and it was a hit with the kids as evendenced by the smiles, comments and results.

Girls SG:  Candice Kasahara 7th, Anya Elizondo 11th, Paige Duffy 19th, Devynn Martin 29th, and Bailey Creager 43rd.

Boys SG:  Max Carbaugh 1st, Guppy Briselden 12th, Michael Mercer 17th and Phillip Vance 43rd..




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Mar 04

Ten Holiday Valley Racer Advance To Kandahar Champs

After a great weekend of racings at Holimont, the Holiday Valley Race Team will be sending ten racers on to the 2014 NYSSRA Kandahar Championships, Kombi/GS & The Big Dog Dual, Belleayre Mountaing, NY.  Good luck and congratulations to the following athletes:

Girls: Logan Fredrickson, Cassidy Creager, Lauren Thomas, Caroline DeRose, Phoebe Dunn andHaley Fredrickson

Boys:  Erik Shattenburg, Bode Vance, Orry Shattenburg andJes Sauereisen

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Mar 01

Two Ski Meisters And Eight Podium Finishes At U10-U12-U14 Kandahar

The opening day at the Holimont Kandahar Festival resulted in three podium finishes and a lot of great skiing in the Kinder Kombi event.  Day two brought even stronger performances. The icing on the cake is that two HV racers were named Ski Meister for the entire weekend of racing.  Logan Fredrickson was name U12 Girls Ski Meister and Erik Shattenburg was named U10 Boys Ski Meister.

Day 1 Kinder Kombi:

Girls U14:  Haley Barden 18th.

Girls U12:  Logan Fredrickson 1st, Lauren Thomas 2nd, Caroline DeRose 5th, Hayly Fredrickson 8th, Kate Hurley 30th and Rory Sauereisen 32nd.

Girls U10:  Alison Martin 4th and Zoe Philp 22nd.

Boys U14:  Jes Sauereisen 10th, Richard Hurley 11th and Ben Wise 12th.

Boys U12:  Orry Shattenberg 7th and Reichen Morrisey 11th, Mitch Azcarate 15th, Luka Wylie 20th and Ross Fuller 24th.

Boys U10:  Erik Shattenberg 1st and Luke Petruzzi 12th.

Day 2 GS:

Girls U14:  Phoebe Dunn 4th, Haley Barden 19th.

Girls U12:  Cassidy Creager 1st, Logan Fredrickson 2nd, Lauren Thomas 3rd, Caroline DeRose 4th, Hayly Fredrickson 9th, Hayley Mahoney 27th, Kate Hurley 35th and Rory Sauereisen 36th.

Girls U10:  Alison Martin 4th, Gianna DeRose 15th, Ainsley Nickerson 21st and Zoe Philp 28th.

Boys U14:  Jes Sauereisen 10th, Richard Hurley 11th and Ben Wise 12th.

Boys U12:  Body Vance 2nd, Orry Shattenberg 8th and Reichen Morrisey 15th, Mitch Azcarate 20th, Luka Wylie 22nd, Ross Fuller 31st and Henry Dunn 32nd.

Boys U10:  Erik Shattenberg 1st, Jack DeRose 5th and Luke Petruzzi 12th.

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Mar 01

Top 25 At U18 Eastern Finals

Meredith Parenti opened her USSA Eastern U18 Finals, Gore Mountain, with a strong 22nd place finish in the GS.

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Feb 27

Three Athletes Advance To U18 Eastern Final Events

Three Holiday Valley athletes advance from the New York State Championships to USSA Eastern races.  Congratulations and good luck to all.

Aiden Elizondo has qualified for the 2014 USSA FIS U18 Eastern Finals, Okemo Mountain, VT, March 8th to March 12th.  He will compete in SG, GS and SL.

Meredith Parenti and Michael Costanzo have qualified for the 2014 USSA U18 Eastern Finals, Gore Mountain, NY, February 27th to March 2nd.  They will compete in SG, GS and SL.

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Feb 25

Six U16 Athletes Advance To Eastern Champs And Finals

Six Holiday Valley athletes advance from the New York State Championships to USSA Eastern races.  Congratulations and good luck to all.

Bella Wylie, Tommy Shantler, Ethan Hejna, JD Foxcroft and John Carbaugh have qualified for the 2014 USSA U16 Eastern Championships (formerly known as the “Junior Olympics”), Whiteface Mountain, NY, March 6th to 10th.  The racers will compete in SG, GS and SL.

Mac Hurley qualified for the 2014 USSA U16 Eastern Finals, Sunday River, ME, March 6th to 9th.  He will compete in SG, GS and SL.

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Feb 22

U18 State Championships At Gore Mountain

The day one super-g was cancelled due to warm weather.  Saturday kicked off the final two days with the giant slalom.  Sunday brought another soft slalom track.

Women’s GS:  Meredith Parenti 16th and Maddie Evans 23rd.

Men’s GS:  Aiden Elizondo 12th, Patrick Hylkema 19th  and Michael Costanzo 29th.

Women’s SL:  Meredith Parenti 19th and Maddie Evans 22nd.

Men’s GS:  Michael Costanzo 17th.

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Feb 20

U16 Team To Whiteface For The State Championships

The U16 state qualifiers travel to Lake Placid for the 2014 NY State Championships, to be held over four days at Whiteface Mountain.  The athletes will race two SGs, a GS and a SL.

The super-g races brought the team its first podium of the weekend with Ethan Hejna finishing third in the first race. The remainder of the men’s team skied strong as well.  Both super-g races were consolidated into one day, due to Mother Nature.

Men’s SG #1:  Ethan Hejna 3rd, Tommy Shantler 4th, JD Foxcroft 6th, John Carbaugh 7th, Dylan Thomas 14th Mack Hurley 16th and Alex Wylie 35th.

Men’s SG #2:  JD Foxcroft 5th, Tommy Shantler 7th, Alex Wylie 18th, Dylan Thomas 19th and Mack Hurley 46th.

Day two brought the GS.

Men’s GS:  Tommy Shantler 7th, John Carbaugh 10th, Mack Hurley 20th and Alex Wylie 21st.

Women’s GS:  Bella Wylie 6th.

The final day of racing brought another Holiday Valley racer to the podium with Tommy Shantler taking third in the slalom, to cap off a great weekend for the U16 team.

Men’s GS:  Tommy Shantler 3rd and Alex Wylie 8th.

Women’s GS:  Bella Wylie 11th.

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Feb 18

Mark Your Calendar – Closing Banquet, March 22nd

Details to follow.

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Feb 18

Renew Your Training Center Membership And Season Pass Now

Holiday Valley is offering the opportunity to register for next season’s training center program and renew your season pass at this year’s rates.  Click to view specific offer.



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Feb 17

Niagara Frontier Ski Council Names It’s Racer Of The Year

Following the Buffalo Ski Club U10-U12-U14 race the Niagara Frontier Ski Council (“NFSC”) names it’s Racer Of The Year for each age group.  The award is based completely on NFSC race results.  This year Holiday Valley took five of the six prestigious spots.

U10 Girls:  Alison Martin

U10 Boys:  Erick Shattenberg

U12 Boys:  Body Vance

U14 Girls:  Anya Elizondo

U14 Boys:  Guppy Briselden

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Feb 17

Ten U14 Athletes Advance To The New York State Championships

Holiday Valley with be sending ten athletes to the New York State Championships representing the western sixth of the State.  The four days of racing, split over two weekends, will run on March 1st and 2nd at Holiday Valley and on March 8th and 9th at Windham Mountain.  Congratulations and good luck to:

Anya Elizondo 1st, Candice Kasahara 2nd, Devynn Martin 4th, Paige Duffy 7th, McKenzie Galvin 9th and Bailey Creager 14th.

Guppy Briselden 1st, Max Carbaugh 2nd, Phillip Vance 8th and Michael Mercer 9th.

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Feb 17

Eleven U16 Athletes Advance To The New York State Championships

Holiday Valley with be sending eleven athletes to the New York State Championships representing the western third of the State.  The four days of racing will run from February 20th through February 23rd at Whiteface Mountain, Lake Placid.  Congratulations and good luck to:

Bella Wylie 4th, Lauren Bachert 23rd,

Tommy Shantler 1st, Ethan Hejna 2nd, JD Foxcroft 4th, Mac Hurley 7th, John Carbaugh 8th, Dylan Thomas 11th, Alex Wylie 12th, Ben Finicle 13th and Nick Costanzo 25th.


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Feb 17

U10-U12-U14 Team Finishes A Strong Regular Season

The U10-U12-U14 capped off a great regular season with a Kinder Kombi Race at Buffalo Ski Club.  The new format didn’t shake the racers at all.  The great race results included 5 first place finishes and are as follows:

U10 Girls:  Alison Martin 5th

U12 Girls:  Lauren Thomas 1st, Logan Fredrickson 3rd, Cassidy Creager 7th, Hayly Fredrickson 9th, Julia Michaud 11th, Kate Hurley 20th and Hayley Mahoney 21st.

U14 Girls:  Anya Elizondo 1st, Candice Kasahara 2nd, Paige Duffy 9th, McKenzie Galvin 10th, Bailey Creager 12th, Phoebe Dunn 17th and Haley Barden 24th.

U10 Boys:  Erick Shattenberg 1st, Luke Petruzzi 7th and Jack DeRose 11th.

U12 Boys:  Bode Vance 1st, Orry Shattenberg 3rd, Mitchell Azcarate 8th, Henry Dunn 14th and Ross Fuller 16th.

U14 Boys:  Guppy Briselden 1st, Max Carbaugh 2nd, Phillip Vance 6th, Michael Mercer 17th and Ben Wise 23rd.

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Feb 11

FIS Team Heads Back To The Canadian U18 Nationals

Competing at the Canadian FIS U18 Nationals at Georgian Peaks and Blue Mountain, Collingwood, Ontario, Aiden Elizondo placed 60th in 2nd day of giant slalom and 51st in the first day of slalom.

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Feb 10

Three First Year U14 Holiday Valley Athletes Invited to Eastern Camp

Three Holiday Valley first year U14 racers have been invited to participate in the USSA Eastern Regional Alpine Development First Year U14 Tech Fundamentals Camp at Cannon Mountain, NH, February 13th and 14th.  Congratulations to Candice Kasahara, Paige Duffy and Phillip Vance who will be joining approximately 25 girls and 25 boys from the east.

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Feb 10

The U10-U12 Team Continue Strong In The Slalom

The U10-U12 traveled to Kissing Bridge to race slalom.  Again, the team skied great.

U10 Girls:  Alison Martin 1st.

U12 Girls:  Logan Fredrickson 3rd, Cassidy Creager 4th, Hayly Fredrickson 6th, Lauren Thomas 7th, Hayley Mahoney 10th, Julia Michaud 11th, Caroline DeRose 20th and Kate Hurley 22nd.

U10 Boys:  Erik Shattenberg 1st and Jordan Hathaway 14th.

U12 Boys:  Bode Vance 1st, Orry Shattenberg 3rd, Mitchell Azcarate 6th, Reichen Morrisey 7th and William Dunn 13th.

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Feb 10

U14 Girls Take Top Four Spots At Super-G

The U14 team showed they can ski speed events with a great showing at the NFSC/GVSC Inter-Council Super-G at Bristol Mountain.  The girls took 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th, while the boys took 1st, 6th and 7th.

U14 Girls:  Anya Elizondo 1st/2nd (counsel/overall), Paige Duffy 2nd/4th, McKenzie Galvin 3rd/5th, Devynn Martin 4th/6th, Bailey Creager 12th/17th, and Haley Barden 20th/37th.

U14 Boys:  Max Carbaugh 1st/2nd, Guppy Briselden 6th/10th, Phillip Vance 7th/12th, and Ben Wise 23rd/41st.


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Feb 10

U16s Hit The Horst Derby

A portion of the U16 team spent the weekend at the Horst Derby at Toggenburg Mountain.  Addie Mahoney placed 32nd in the both the GS and the SL, Parker Nickerson placed 25th in the GS and Eric Schafer placed 34th in the SL.

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Feb 07

Multiple Top Ten Finishes At The Empire State Games

The U18 and U16 teams open the Empire State Games, Whiteface, NY, with three top ten finishes in the super-g.  They followed-up with four top ten finishes in day two’s giant slalom.

Men’s U18 Super-G:  Michael Costanzo 6th.

Women’s U18 Super-G:  Meredith Parenti 17th and Maddie Evans 18th.

Men’s U16 Super-G:  Ethan Hejna 8th, Tommy Shantler 11th and Alex Wylie 15th.

Women’s U16 Super-G:  Bella Wylie 7th and Casey Wise 15th.

Men’s U18 GS:  Patrick Hylkema 9th.

Women’s U18 GS:  Maddie Evans 17th and Erin Schafer 28th.

Men’s U16 GS:  Ethan Hejna 8th, Tommy Shantler 9th and Alex Wylie 15th.

Women’s U16 GS: Bella Wylie 7th and Casey Wise 12th.

Men’s U18 SL: Michael Costanzo 23rd.

Women’s U18 SL: Maddie Evans 18th and Meredith Parenti 22nd.

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Feb 03

Three Top Three U16 Super-G Finishes

The U16s cap off two days of training at Bristol Mountain with super-g today.  The team showed that they can ski speed, as well as the technical events.

Women’s:  Bella Wyle 3rd, Claire Michaud 12th, Gillian Martin 38th, Casey Wise 40th and Addie Mahoney 43rd.

Men’s:  Ethan Hejna 1st, Tommy Shantler 2nd, Mack Hurley 6th, JD Foxcroft 7th, John Carbaugh 8th, Dylan Thomas 10th, Alex Wylie 13th, Nick Costanzo 15th, Parker Nickerson 32nd, and Eric Schafer 33rd.

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Feb 02

U10-U12-U14 Racers Dominate The Podium

The U10-U12-U14 team had a great day at the Kissing Bridge Duel Slalom.  Alison Martin and Erik Shattenberg won for the U10s; while the U14s swept both the podiums and the shoot-out with Anya Elizondo winning the race, Candice Kasahara winning the shoot-out, and Guppy Briselden winning both the race and the shoot-out.

Girls U10:  Alison Martin 1st and Gianna DeRose 11th.

Girls U12:  Logan Fredrickson 2nd; Cassidy Creager 3rd; Caroline DeRose 6th; Lauren Thomas 7th; Hayly Fredrickson 8th; and Rory Sauereisen 21st.

Girls U14:  Anya Elizondo 1st; Devynn Martin 2nd; Candice Kasahara 4th; McKenzie Galvin 10th; Paige Duffy 12th; Bailey Creager 13th; Phoebe Dunn 21st; and Haley Barden 28th.

Boys U10:  Erik Shattenberg 1st; Jack DeRose 9th; and Luke Petruzzi 13th.

Boys U12:  Orry Shattenberg 2nd; Mitchell Azcarate 4th; Reichen Morrisey 5th, Ross Fuller 13th; and William Dunn 15th.

Boys U14:  Guppy Briselden 1st; Max Carbaugh 3rd; Michael Mercer 7th; Phillip Vance 9th; Benjamin Wise 24th; and Jes Sauereisen 26th.

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Jan 26

U10-U12-U14 Kicked Off Their Combined Season By Winning Five Of Six Classes

The Holiday Valley U10s, U12s, and U14s opened their combined season by sweeping five of six classes in giant slalom at Holimont.  Special congratulations go out to the U12 girls who took five of the first six spots in their race.

U10 Girls:  Alison Martin, 1st.

U12 Girls:  Logan Fredrickson 1st; Lauren Thomas 2nd; Hayly Fredrickson 3rd; Cassidy Creager 4th; Caroline DeRose 6th; Julia Michaud 11th; Hayley Mahoney 14th; and Kate Hurley 24th.

U14 Girls:  Anya Elizondo 1st; Candice Kasahara 2nd; Devynn Martin 6th; Paige Duffy 10th; Bailey Creager 12th; McKenzie Galvin 14th; Phoebe Dunn 16th; and Haley Barden 27th.

U10 Boys:  Erik Shattenberg 1st and Luke Petruzzi 11th.

U12 Boys:  Bode Vance 1st; Orry Shattenberg 3rd; Luka Wylie 6th; Reichen Morrisey 8th; Mitchell Azcarate 12th; Ross Fuller 18th; and William Dunn 20th.

U14 Boys:  Guppy Briselden 3rd; Michael Mercer 6th; Max Carbaugh 10th; Phillip Vance 11th; Richard Hurley 22nd; and Benjamin Wise 24th.


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Jan 25

U16s Take Six Of The Top Ten Spots At Hunt Hollow

The HV boys took the top six spots at the giant slalom at Hunt Hollow to set the bar for the weekend of racing.  The team continued with a strong second day slalom with three top ten finishes.

Boys GS:  Tommy Shantler, 1st; Ethan Hejna, 2nd; Mack Hurley, 4th; Ben Finicle, 5th; Dylan Thomas, 6th; Alex Wylie, 10th; Parker Nickerson, 18th; Nick Costanzo, 25th; and Eric Schafer, 46th.

Girls GS:  Bella Wylie, 5th and Gillian Martin, 43rd.

Boys SL:  Tommy Shantler, 1st; Dylan Thomas, 9th; John Carbaugh10th; and Eric Schafer, 23rd.


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Jan 25

U18s Head To Toggenburg and Song Mountains

The U18s score top twenty finishes in both Empire Series races at Toggenburg and Song Mountains.

Toggenburg SL:  Meredith Parenti 16th, Michael Costanzo 22nd and Patrick Hylkema 39th.

Song SL:  Meredith Parenti 24th; Patrick Hylkema 19th; and Michael Costanzo 28th.

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Jan 19

It’s Another Sweep, This Time For The U14s

The U14s opened their season much like the U16s with a podium sweep of both the boys and girls slalom.  The team struck gold at the NFSC/GVSC Inter-Council SL at Holiday Valley, lead by three podium finishers: Candice Kasahara, Max Carbaugh and Guppy Briselden. 

Girls:  Candice Kasahara, 1st overall/1st in council;  Devynn Martin, 5th/3rd; Paige Duffy, 6th/4th; McKenzie Galvin, 8th/5th; Bailey Creager, 10th/6th; Anya Elizondo, 16th/11th; Haley Barden, 35th/22nd; and Phoebe Dunn, 36th/23rd.

Boys:  Max Carbaugh, 1st/1st; Guppy Briselden, 2nd/2nd; Phillip Vance, 12th/7th; Ben Wise, 28th/17th; and Jes Sauereisen, 30th/19th.

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Jan 11

It’s A Sweep For The U16s – Corrected

Ethan Hejna swept 1st place and Tommy Shantler 2nd place in both U16 races this weekend.  Bella Wylie took the top spot at the Holiday Valley GS.  The U16 team started the season strong with two number one finishes and three top ten finishes in their opening giant slalom at Holiday Valley.  The rain didn’t slow the attack.  On day two at the Holimont slalom the team again put on a great show.

Holiday Valley GS:  Women:  Bella Wylie, 1st; Lauren Bachert, 13th; Casey Wise, 32nd; Gillian Martin, 35th; and Addie Mahoney, 37th.  Men:  Ethan Hejna, 1st; Tommy Shantler, 2nd; Alex Wylie, 4th; Mack Hurley, 6th; Ben Finicle, 15th; Nick Costanzo, 18th; Dylan Thomas, 23rd; and Eric Schafer, 37th.

Holimont SL:  Women:  Lauren Bachert, 27th; Addie Mahoney, 40th; and Gillian Martin, 44th.  Men:  Ethan Hejna, 1st; Tommy Shantler, 2nd; Mack Hurley, 9th; John Carbaugh, 12th; Ben Finicle, 16th; Alex Wylie, 18th; Eric Schafer, 36th; and Nick Costanzo, 37th.

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Jan 11

The U18s Open At Hunt Hollow and Bristol Mountain

The U18 women and men open the full season with two top twenty finishes in giant slalom at Hunt Hollow.  They followed up with two top fifteen finishes Sunday in the Bristol Mountain slalom.  The team will wrap-up the three days of racing with super-g monday at Bristol.

Hunt Hollow GS:  Women:  Meredith Parenti, 19th; Maddie Evans, 24th; and Erin Schafer, 27th.  Men:  Michael Costanzo, 20th; Patrick Hylkema, 25th; and Robby Zabel, 34th.

Bristol Mountain GS:  Women:  Meredith Parenti, 14th and Erin Schafer, 29th.  Men:  Michael Costanzo, 15th; Patrick Hylkema, 23th; and Robby Zabel, 26th.

Bristol Mountain SG:  Women:  Meredith Parenti, 19th.  Men:  Ethan Hejna (U16), 16th and Robby Zabel, 29th.

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Jan 07

Three HV Racers Invited To Eastern Speed Camp

Three Holiday Valley U14 racers have been invited to participate in the USSA Eastern Regional Alpine Development U14 Speed Camp at Stowe Mountain, VT, January 23rd and 24th.  Congratulations to Guppy Briselden, Max Carbaugh (2 of 7 boys representing NY) and Anya Elizondo (1 of 2 girls representing NY) who will be joining approximately 22 girls and 25 boys from the east.

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Jan 03

FIS Team Returns To Canada

The FIS Team returned to Canada for the Osler Bluff FIS GS, Collingwood, Ontario.  Aiden Elizondo continued his strong skiing in the great white north with a 23rd place finish.

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Jan 01

As Promised, Here Is Your Ski Tuning Handbook

We want to thank Tom Briselden (tbriz@att.net) for sharing his time and expertise with us at the ski tuning clinic.  I hope our new and experienced parents and our athletes learned a few things.  The following links provide some suggested tool kit configurations for each level of racing and waxing charts for SWIX and Dominator waxes:

Please remember, never hesitate to ask questions of another race parent or racer regarding tuning and waxing.

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Jan 01

U16 & U14 Lead The Way At Brantling

Tommy Shantler and Max Carbaugh celebrated on New Years Eve with great results at the Brantling Dual Seeding Slalom.  Tommy Shantler finished 1st in U16s, Max Carbaugh 2nd in U14s and John Carbaugh competed in the draw.  See results page.

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Dec 31

Another Great Christmas Camp Race

Christmas Camp closes with a great race.  Whether its just another Christmas Camp race in the books or the first race ever, fun was had by all.  See the results page for times.

U10 Girls:

  1. Alison Martin
  2. Gianna DeRose
  3. Ainsley Nickerson
  4. Zoe Philp

U10 Boys:

  1. Erik Shattenberg
  2. Mitchell Azcarate
  3. Jack DeRose
  4. Jordan Hathaway
  5. Luke Petruzzi

U12 Girls:

  1. Logan Fredrickson
  2. Lauren Thomas
  3. Hayly Fredrickson
  4. Cassidy Creager
  5. Caroline DeRose
  6. Julia Michaud
  7. Kate Hurley
  8. Rory Sauereisen

U12 Boys:

  1. Bode Vance
  2. Laz Rifkin
  3. Orry Shattenberg
  4. Luka Wylie 
  5. Reichen Morrisey
  6. Henry Dunn
  7. Ross Fuller

U14 Girls:

  1. Anya Elizondo
  2. Paige Duffy
  3. Candice Kasahara
  4. Devynn Martin
  5. McKenzie Galvin
  6. Phoebe Dunn
  7. Haley Barden

U14 Boys:

  1. Nathan Briselden
  2. Phillip Vance
  3. Michael Mercer
  4. Steel Hurley
  5. Jes Sauereisen
  6. Benjamin Wise

U16 Girls:

  1. Bella Wylie
  2. Lauren Bachert
  3. Claire Michaud
  4. Gillian Martin
  5. Casey Wise

U16 Boys:

  1. Ben Finicle
  2. Mack Hurley
  3. Alex Wylie
  4. Parker Nickerson
  5. Jessy Both
  6. Eric Schafer

U18 Girls:

  1. Meredith Parenti
  2. Maddie Evans
  3. Erin Schafer

U18 Boys:

  1. Aiden Elizondo
  2. Patrick Hylkema

Overall Girls:

  1. Anya Elizondo, 17.64
  2. Bella Wylie, 17.65
  3. Paige Duffy, 17.87

Overall Boys:

  1. Aiden Elizondo, 16.09
  2. Ben Finicle, 16.83
  3. Mack Hurley, 16.85

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Dec 29

A Top 20 Finish For The FIS Team At Alpine, Ontario

Aiden Elizondo wrapped up a strong two days of racing at the Miele Canadian FIS Slalom, Alpine, Ontario.   He placed 26th in the first day’s slalom that included Canadian National Team members and was won by a Canadian National Team member home for the holidays from the World Cup in Europe.  Aiden moved into the top twenty in the second day’s slalom with a 19th place finish, with basically the same field.

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Dec 29

Ski Tuning Clinic

Tomorrow, December 30th, after training, we are having a waxing clinic for all parents (especially the new ones) and any racers (especially the U16 and U18s) who want to learn to tune skis.

The clinic is being run by Tom Briselden and starts at 2:45 to cover basic tuning.  A more intense tuning skills clinic will be covered after the basic skills clinic to learn about hot boxing, use of multiple stones, overlays, etc.

Please plan to attend.

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Dec 27

Get Your New Ski Team Logo Wear

This season’s new logo wear is now available.  The sportswear was debuted at tonights parent meeting and the order form is available by clicking the Logo Wear tab.  All orders due January 4, 2013.  Samples are available at the Training Center throughout Christmas Camp.

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Dec 24

U16 Men Open The Season With Top Ten Finishes

The U16 Men open the season with a strong showing at the Brantling Ely and Leene Christmas Slaloms.  Ethan Hejna led the way with a 7th and a 9th and Tommy Shantler a 9th and a 22nd.

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Dec 22

Parent Meeting – Friday, December 27th

We are trying a new format this year for our Parent Meeting

Everyone, new to the team and our veterans, please join us:


What:  PARENT MEETING / CARRY-IN for all racers and their family


  • 4:30 – 5:00  Meeting for new parents.
  • 5:00 – 8:00  Carry-in for all.  Bring a dish to share and your own beverages.
  • 5:15 Break-out with individual team coaches.


Plates, napkins and silverware will be provided.

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Dec 22

NFSC Gold Team Wraps Up A Wet Four Days Of Camp

The Niagara Frontier Ski Counsel recognizes the top ski racers in the council by selection to the elite Gold Team.  The Gold Team wraps a wet four day camp tomorrow, December 23rd.  Congratulations to our racers named to the team:

  • Max Carbaugh, U14
  • Paige Duffy, U14
  • Anya Elizondo, U14
  • Mackenzie Galvin, U14
  • Candice Kasahara, U14
  • Phillip Vance, U14
  • Ethan Hejna, U16
  • Mack Hurley, U16
  • Tommy Shantler, U16
  • Dylan Thomas, U16
  • Bella Wylie, U16
  • Aiden Elizondo, U18


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Dec 21

Our First Race Results – The FIS Team Opens With A Near Top Ten Finish

The FIS Team opened its season at Sugarbush, VT, December 19-21, competing against racers from the United States, Canada, Austria, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Japan and Switzerland.  Aiden Elizondo nearly broke into the top ten with his 12th place finish in slalom.  He also finished 51st in one of the GS races.

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Dec 09

Training To Begin

Training will start 9:00 am, Saturday Dec 21st.  Please have your kids ready to get on the lifts at 9.

Schedule is the same for Saturday and Sundays:

  • 9-11:30 morning training
  • 11:30-12:30 unsupervised lunch at the Training Center
  • 12:30-2:30 afternoon training

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Oct 28

HV Athletes Invited To Preseason Camps

NYSSRA U14/U16 Dryland Camp – September 27-29, Olympic Training Center, Lake Placid

Guppy Briseldon and Anya Elizondo were invited and joined 38 other athletes and 8 coaches in a highly scheduled weekend of dryland activities, including team building, physical assessment, mental training, hiking, yoga, agility, field games, goal setting and broomball.

NYSSRA U16 Fundamentals Camp – December 5-8, Whiteface Mountain, Lake Placid

Mack Hurley and Tommy Shantler have been invited to join 26 other athletes at the camp.  The camp objective is to gain early on-snow mileage through directed free skiing and fundamental skiing drills. Emphasis will be placed on team building, education, and camaraderie. The coaching staff will be comprised of age appropriate NYSSRA coaches and invited guest coaches.

USSA Eastern U16 Fundamentals Project – December 8-12, Burke, VT

Tommy Shantler has been invited to join 39 other eastern athletes at the camp.  The camp will develop fundamental skills and technical progressions, while focusing on developing better awareness of good movements and the ability to repeat them.

NYSSRA U14 Fundamentals Camp – December 12-15, Whiteface Mountain, Lake Placid

Guppy Briseldon, Anya Elizondo and Devynn Martin have been invited to join 23 other athletes at the camp.  The camp objective is to gain early on-snow mileage through directed free skiing and fundamental skiing drills. Emphasis will be placed on team building, education, and camaraderie. The coaching staff will be comprised of age appropriate NYSSRA coaches and invited guest coaches.

USSA Eastern U14 Fundamentals Project – December 13-15, Sunday River, ME

Bailey Creager and Anya Elizondo have been invited to join 41 other eastern athletes at the camp.  The camp will develop fundamental skills and technical progressions, while focusing on developing better awareness of good movements and the ability to repeat them.


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Oct 16

The 2013-2014 Season Calendar Is Posted

Please click on the Calendar tab to plan your season.

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Oct 01

Ski Swap

The annual Ski Swap is just around the corner.  It’s time to volunteer and to get your used gear to the swap.  The ski team receives a pro-rata share of proceeds based on our number of volunteers.  We need all the help we can get.  Please go to Event Sign-Up on the web page or contact Mary Ellen Elizondo.

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Sep 29

Youth Alpine Fitness Combine – November 2, 2013

All Holiday Valley racers are invited spend Saturday, November 2nd, with sports science speciallist Dr. Thomas Lam (see his website www.fitstoronto.com) .  Dr. Lam will analyze each athlete and provide individualized performance profiles.

  • Saturday, November 2, 2013
  • Open to all HV athletes
  • $45 per athlete
  • Yodler Lodge
  • See Flyer here:  Fitness Clinic Flyer
  • To register please click here:  REGISTER NOW

Please contact Jerry or Nick Nenno with questions.

Jerry Nenno, skierrage@gmail.com

Nick Nenno, nenno.nick@gmail.com


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Sep 01

Visit SkiBay – See The Newly Listed 2013/2014 Season Items

If you’re looking for equipment to buy or sell your equipment, look no farther then the new SkiBay. We have had sales as far away as Alaska, California and Florida.  Now you can directly add your own equipment to sell. Click here to go to SkiBay

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Sep 01

Get Your Team Window Stickers

Team window stickers are available.  These great looking, 9″ x 4″, stickers are the perfect compliment to any ski racer’s vehicle.  At $10 they will go fast.  Please contact Mary Ellen Elizondo to purchase yours.

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Sep 01

Follow us on Twitter!

Follow Holiday Valley Race Team on Twitter for the latest team updates. @HVRaceTeam

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